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    Getting organised this year

    If your going to use strip it will have to be fixed to something. I've seen a few done before on a smaller scale. Looked ok lit up.
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    Painting Coro props.

    I had that happen a while ago spray painting some drain pipe for archery equipment. I grabbed first tin of primer I found in the cupboard and it went on fine... me thinking, primer is primer right? Ummm no. It was some metal style primer. The colour went on and bubbled just like that. Had...
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    Bunnings 8mm Coro

    Yeah, good old QLD, stock ----------------- 0 Looks like a good product though for some fun projects. The stock stuff at bunnings if only 5mm and not cheap either.
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    Painting Coro props.

    Well here is my latest efforts. Made the Santa top part myself from some 5mm Coro. I'm happy with the result! Now to paint 8 Reindeer! Paint pens were great for just filling it bits like the eye and trimming.
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    Painting Coro props.

    Thanks for the paint pen idea! Grabbed one at Bunnings today and will see how that goes with my Santa Sleigh and Reindeer.
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    Paint coro

    I've been rubbing mine with fine 2000 grip sand paper to take the shine off, then cleaned with 100% isopropanol, spray and haven't had any dramas. Sometimes it does chip away when bumped or pushing the odd pixel but it's unnoticeable from a distance. The gold paint comes out horrible though...
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    Experience Needed

    When you leave your controllers on your actually powering all the pixels, they just don't receive data to turn on. Also would be a fire risk with them always being powered on and uses way more power than just running a show and turning it off. I hardly noticed a blip on my power bill with a...
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    Experience Needed

    I've never bother shuting down my Pi, and never had an issue. Just make sure you have a backup in place once things are set up just in case. I just go out once show is over and flick the power off at the power point. I do the same with my 3D printers running Octoprint on a Pi. Never had an...
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    Brisbane/Qld QLD Mini - Brisbane 2022 - April 23rd - 24th

    Hope you all have fun, it was great last year. Sadly I can't make it this year! :(
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    How do you attach your Lights to a Colorbond Roof Line?

    That's a great idea. Love the magnet roof one too for centering.
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    AU specific - Bunnings Extension leads for DC Power feed

    I've used plenty of the colourful 25m bunnings extension cord. Works great, nice and thick outside for 5v and 12v. Voltage drop is minimal as the wire is good quailty. The only issue I had was my 12V 10W spot lights which needed a boost to the data signal as the run was 10m, the power was...
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    Talking Trees Sequences causing upset.

    Yeah it's a bit fiddly as Logan had a custom prop assigned to the other tree from memory. Just have a look at the original files in xlights, you just need to pull the dialog over and the talking face bit. The colouring I assigned to my tree outline. I played with mine a bit so if you get...
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    ACL Megatree database

    Done, Good idea to see what others have done, and what it looks like.
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    ACL 3d printed bubble machines?

    Best thing I ever did with my 3d printer was autoleveling and a metal hotend. Love it! xD 🌪️
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    ACL 3d printed bubble machines?

    Happy to help, have 2 3D printers, and some Fusion 360 experience (although I'm just about to move over to FreeCAD). Looks like a great project. I thought about adding bubbles but the units people have seem to stop working so I was thinking along the same lines. :)