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    4.2v power supply for 5v pixels?

    Just have the PSU close to the prop and it will be fine, power inject every 100 pixels to keep the power up. Run your lights at 30% and it will have plenty of headroom. 5V gets bagged a lot (same with strip) but has some benefits, yes you have to wire more, but in most of my props that's just...
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    push to light up selfie wings

    Yeah I like Grozzy's box idea too. The KISS method usually wins! :)
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    Greetings from Caboolture

    female are the output off the controller, and the male are the start of your prop. So for my RayW the female is the on with the threads on the outside. The male is the one with the cap. 5/12V runs fine on these, never had one melt, just make sure stuff is fused.
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    push to light up selfie wings

    What's everyone using as a frame for these wings??? They aren't lights and need some bracing. Height adjustment would be nice. Some days I wish I could weld!!!! I'm kinda struggling to figure out the best way to get them up and safe. I don't want them landing on some poor sod taking a selfie...
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    Paint coro

    Yep painters stuff is the best as it has less seepage. I don't even buy the beige stuff anymore. I just did my Coro with a light sand with some high grit paper I had lying around 1000 I think it was, metho to clean up and spray.
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    Greetings from Caboolture

    Don't stress about the connectors they all do the same job. I have some bigger Zhang ones and RayW ones. They all do the job. I'm North Sunshine Coast so nice to see some people nearby picking up the hobby. :)
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    FPP vers 5

    I just upgraded my 2 Pis and 1 Beagle to 5.0 via the in place upgrade. You download the correct fppos file and upload to the FPP you want to upgrade, and go to the about page and upgrade. Takes a while, just go do something else, and it's usually finished within 30 mins and just reload. 2/3...
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    What songs will make the cut in your 2021 light show?

    I can never pick, some are new, some are older songs, some just music. I usually just play them all with a break in between every 4-5 songs. Last year I didn't find many people stayed for more than 3-4 songs anyway before moving on apart from my friend who watched the entire show (80minutes!)
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    Layout of Display Elements in Sequencer

    Thanks I'll give that a go! :)
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    push to light up selfie wings

    Mine will be fully offline though. Shame this seemed like an interesting idea.
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    push to light up selfie wings

    I'm doing the same project, they look fantastic, but I'm going to use a footplate instead of a button (more COVID safe). I got one of these off Alan and intend to run two 5v x 500 pixels with some Power Injection. Should work perfect. I...
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    Layout of Display Elements in Sequencer

    Yeah that example might be a bit over the top for me. I did that once with my home network but that all got mess over the years! lol. The problem is that on the layout tab they are quite organised, so all the spots are together, all the talking faces etc. but when I start a sequence and...
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    Copy & Paste Model Effects in Xlights

    Hello Harvey Bay, I'm just down on the Sunny Coast. This is the way I do it. Uncheck any of the timing tracks (that stops you highlighting items), then click and drag a box around the items you want to copy. The selected ones go purple, and you have to select the entire length of a marker...
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    Error Message on running xlights

    Thanks mate, I'll give it a crack. I thought that might be it.
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    Layout of Display Elements in Sequencer

    Hi Everyone, I've been meaning to ask this for ages. Second year here! The first year I created many props and called them stuff like Entire House, MegaTree, Mini Trees Only groups and props called Icicles etc. The problem is when I start a new sequence the layout of the Display Elements is...