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    So how did you enjoy your trip to Quebec? Get enough snow?

    So how did you enjoy your trip to Quebec? Get enough snow?
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    Hello from Canada...newbie here -:)

    Welcome from a fellow Canuck! Everyone here is awesome and very helpful, any questions just ask away.
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    Hi from Canada

    Hey Welcome to the madness fellow Canuck!
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    Voting open. I could use the help

    That's gonna cost ya a beer if i ever make it "down under" LOL Ya got my vote! Good luck!
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    Added talking tree zip files

    I know in Nova Scotia it can be hit or miss for snow over Christmas, but over the last couple years it has been white so if I were a betting man I would say odds are in your favour. Wish I knew a few displays close, but Henri (forum name is Barbotte) is the only one that comes to mind and he is...
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    Added talking tree zip files

    Going to miss your display this year Logan....You have a great gift for sequencing.
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    What's your Pixel Favourite Controller?

    I am loving my ESPIXELSTICKs... I also have E131 bridge/pixel extenders, E682, REN32, LOR16, REN24DC, 24 channel DMX.... The pixelsticks are very cheap and give up to 4 universes. A falcon would be nice for a centralized prop like a megatree but the sticks work great for a prop like 3 singing...
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    Welcome to the new AusChristmasLighting forum discussion

    Other than a senior moment to remember my password.... Site looks great! good Job!
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    Sequencing Singing Christmas trees

    Since you are doing this in LOR, I would suggest going to the LOR forums. There is a section there and a few people that do requests for singing trees: I'll go out on a limb and say most people do the facial animations using...
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    Corostar or similar star made out of corflute

    I have a design I used a few years ago to make my coroflute stars (similar to HC design). You can alter it to make them what size you want.
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    3D Printed Snowflake design

    What are you using for material? PETG? ASA? ABS with lacquer?
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    I have one running 3 singing bulbs (143 pixels x 3 = 429 pixels) on an el cheapo Dlink wifi router and runs flawless. The AP is only 40 feet away and clear line of sight through window. The thing to keep in mind is that I live in an area where there is no wifi congestion so YMMV. And yes, the V2...
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    Pi audio quality

    I just bought one of these: When you get one, don't forget to change audio output adapter to USB audio device in FPP settings.
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    Pi audio quality

    I had issues with sound quality on my pi last year running 1.6 and it was intermittent. This year I bought one of the cheap USB sound cards and plugged into pi. WOW, what an improvement! Cost was 3$ from china and to tell the truth I never thought it would make a difference but it is very...
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    SLOWLI Christmas Lights bad! I didn't pay attention to the NZ for your locale. If it's any consolation many of my "American friends" who are only a few hours away from me have no idea where my province is located let alone the island I live on... ;) P.S. I hear ya on the rain.....we broke a record...