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    Closed Payment for T-shirt Buy 1 - Now Closed

    Re: Payment for T-shirt Buy 1 Payment made. Sorry for the delay.
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    Closed ACL T-Shirt Bulk Buy 2012 March - Now Closed

    Re: ACL T-Shirt Bulk Buy 2012 March I'll take 1 in 2XL + stateside postage
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    Cat 5 to Rainbow Flood

    Technical documents @
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    ACL Second Giveaway - lucky member draw

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter into the drawing! I've been following the progress of the RGB Pixel development for the last few months. I can't wait to start dabbling. Mike
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    Hello from Texas

    Hello everyone, I am located in Texas , just south of Houston and was referred here by DMoore. I am just moving into DC/RGB Christmas lighting world and have a lot to learn. I want to thank you in advance for enduring my dumb questions to come. Cheers. Mike