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    How do you attach your Lights to a Colorbond Roof Line?

    I found these on Thingyverse the other day: Obviously only 1 magnet per clip, but you can print the whole clip, so just print more :D I've just bought myself some PETG filament to test with and was going to give it a go and post the results.
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    I *think* I'm interested in a couple. Watching the thread but posting anyway so you can see there's more interest :)
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    Planing, Pixel selection advice...

    It's personal opinion and how much effort you want to put into a) handling the strip carefully and b) repairing the strip. Repairing a string of nodes is magnitudes easier than strip, but doesn't look as nice (again in my opinion). I currently have use strip almost exclusively on my house, but...
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    Planing, Pixel selection advice...

    Yes, but as above you are getting 100 12v nodes for $18.. about $2 difference :) Also: 5v requires less power supplies than 12v for the same number of lights: 350W / 12V = 29 Amps 350W / 5V = 70 Amps So you will need around double the power supplies if you went with 12v. But yes, you will...
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    3D printers, March 2020

    One very critical option you need to consider is thermal overrun protection. Many printers don't have this enabled by default - you need to upgrade the firmware to enable it. Thermal Overrun can detect a fault on your heatbed/hotend and shutdown before it overheats and sets your house on fire...
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo May 16-17th 2020 - CANCELLED

    Alright I'm going to say it. With today's advice from the PM regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and indoor events now limited to 100, and the recommendation against non-essential travel, should we start to consider whether it's appropriate for this mini to even go ahead at all in a face-to-face...
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    Matrix inside mega tree

    No such thing in this hobby :)
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    Matrix inside mega tree

    xLights will assume all things will be equal: Either your mega tree will consistently be X stips by Y nodes or your Matrix will be X pixels by Y pixels. The models wouldn't account for the extra pixels you're planning to add in the middle. As Cathelest says you'd need to use a custom model...
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    Looking for major advice for a MAJOR show

    As far as I know, the prebuilt controllers only have the pixel outputs pre-wired, but all of the F16/F48 boards have DMX/LOR out that you can tap into (you'd have to wire these in yourself however) From DMX/Renard/Pixelnet Outputs 4 - Dedicated RS-485 outputs. 3 RJ-45...
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    How do you attach your Lights to a Colorbond Roof Line?

    Seconded! I'm stealing this idea! Generally the magnets can be found on eBay/Aliexpress, at least thats where I got my existing magnets from.
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    Answered FPP wifi issues

    Sorry just getting back to this now. Any particular reason you have both connected to the same home network? What are you trying to achieve by doing so? While this may have fixed your issue, it will come at a cost. Without the gateway the Pi won't be able to sync time (unless you set the NTP...
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    Answered FPP wifi issues

    I had issues like this with my remotes last year. If they go into tethering mode you should see a WiFi network called 'FPP' visible near the Pi. Next time it plays up check for that. Some other questions: How are you connecting to the FPP, are you entering http://fpp or http://<ipaddress> in...
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    First year of pixels - controller choices

    Sure, but again, without much actual detail I can't guarantee this is just going to work; you're going to need to do some power calculations and test your voltage drop. I've colour coded the diagram for you as it was hard to layout in one colour :) Output 1: Starts at the right side of the...
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    F48 question

    A DMX universe is 512 channels, you can span more than one universe per output if you want to. The F48 can have up to 1024 pixels per F48 port (therefore spread across the A, B and C receivers depending on your F48 slider configuration). The board itself can drive up to 16384 pixels From the...
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    Ammo box - Controller box alternative

    I used these BIG W storage containers this year It was big enough for a 'full sized' power supply (not the slimlines), two 6-way automotive fuse boxes and a differential receiver. I still covered these with...