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Recent content by Gary Roache

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    Musical Fountain Build AMA

    HI Guys, Some of you have seen my display that includes a musical water fountain as part of it, and have expressed interest in learning more about how it was done, and perhaps some of my lessons learnt. For those of you who have not seen the display here is a link to the youtube channel...
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    Musical Fountain Display

    Well it took quite a while because we dug the entire thing by hand. I ordered all the nozzles and pumps from china. Is it one of those things I should start a thread about this or is there an existing one i can contribute to? Cheers
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    Musical Fountain Display

    Hi All, Last year i did my first display for Christmas that was more than just a few strings of lights. It was a musical fountain in my front yard. Here is a link to my youtube channel that has some of the songs from the fountain shown. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHLVXPXU_1CR-LNhp5z7rtA...