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    xLights 3D BETA - Importing a Sketchup Image of your House

    Ok I created this in about 20 minutes. I simplified the roof to make it quicker to create something you could use. Unzip so that the House folder is in the show directory then use the "ADD OBJ" button and then click the "ObjFile" property to navigate into that House folder and then select...
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    xLights 3D BETA - Importing a Sketchup Image of your House

    Sorry I forgot to check back till now. Let me see if I can create something real quick.
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    xLights 3D BETA - Importing a Sketchup Image of your House

    Post a picture of your house.
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    xLights 3D BETA - Importing a Sketchup Image of your House

    Nice writeup. They need to be pointing everyone that needs help to this.
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    How to have a video rotate around a tree in Xlights?

    Just catching up on this forum. This reminds me I keep wanting to see if we can provide X and Y translation outside of the effect in the Rotozoom area. The main problem is many effects that spill outside the buffer boundaries really need to know the X and Y offsets when the effect is rendered...
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    Rainbow colours

    The effects that create a rainbow don't use hard-coded values. It's just an HSV color space where saturation =1.0, value=1.0, and hue is cycled from 0.0 to 1.0. So if you look at this link we are basically spinning around the top outside edge to create colors...
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    Nutcracker: What new effects would you like to see?

    It sounds like he just described the Custom model. Create a Custom model and then click in the top parameter to edit data and then click the three dots button and a dialog opens with the grid you are talking about.
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    Graphics for light display is now poor

    Yep we utilize several OpenGL 3.0 features so it may look like it's only xLights but its usually because none of the other stuff you are doing are using the features xLights is trying to use.
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    Ray Wu Icicle animation using xLights

    Those questions are easily answered by trying your idea.
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    xLights and PixLite 16 universe, output and channel help please

    I wouldn't use 500....pick a size divisible by 3. That's why most use 510. Not sure how well the Pixlite handles pixel data being split between 2 data packets.
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    Ray Wu Icicle animation using xLights

    Yep the Icicles model has a field where you teach xLights the drop pattern. Like the icicles I bought from Ray Wu were of the pattern: 5, 4, 3, 5, 4, 3, 5, 4, 3, etc. So you just put "5, 4, 3" in the field.
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    Release 2017.31 xLights released

    Most of us have been saving custom color palettes for months.
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    Release 2017.30 xLights released. Production Release!

    These are the actual changes for version v30. Sean accidentally posted the v28 release notes. -- enh (scottH) Added Swap Start and End Points to Morph Effect. -- enh (keith) Add printing of wiring view -- enh (keith) Add display of actual time in value curve and color curve...
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    Added talking tree zip files

    So no new blockbuster sequence for this year? :(
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    Effect / layers help please

    You want to use the Curtain effect on another layer on top. Set the color to White and have it act like a curtain closing top down. Then change layer blending to 1 is Mask. If it doesn't look right try 1 is UnMask.