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    Welcome aboard .. I know you will do well once you get your head around it all .. Big step from non computer animated to full on pixels etc . But you know where to find me . I hope everyone here gives you as much support with your journey as they did me ( A Lot) . As I told you the main thing...
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    Awesome Product/Service

    Just a quick not to say THANK YOU Eddie / Phil Ive had a problem with my Comm port/Windows7/HLS for over a week . Finally decided debugging was not the answer Sunday night . Sent Eddie an email to enquire about a D2 and Phil posted Tuesday , Recieved today made the cross over cable and BINGO no...
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    ShellNZ's show setup...

    looove it especially the animated little girl and dog :)
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    First of my 2012 videos

    Santa Claus is coming to town - Mariah Carey Santa Town 2012 and of course WiW 2012WiW
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    Just for Ryan - "World's Best" Christmas Lights (messages on hold)

    Just to chip in . Do you do it to be the best or do you do it to watch the smiles on kids(big and small) faces as they watch your show ? I know what my answer is :)
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    P2 RGB GBR conversion

    Have had it running for around 30 hrs now both with test sequences and a song sequence . Hasnt missed a beat :)
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    P2 RGB GBR conversion

    Never mind I solved it. When I was updating in string effects it wasnt writing the xml correctly. This is what it should have looked like <network e131='1' ubl='1'/> <string num='1' act='1' type='WS2811' speed='3600' univ='111' slotstart='1' pixcount='170'/> <string num='5' act='1'...
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    P2 RGB GBR conversion

    On my P2 im running pixel strip that is GBR not RGB. On string one the conversion in string effects works fine . But string 2 seems to ignore any conversion . Ideas ????
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    Another use for tint tubes

    Exact method I used . Was a slow process for 127 of them but it works
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    Another use for tint tubes

    I just cut the tube to length and capped each with acrylic sheet . They are glued to a piece of timber that was routed so everything stayed in place. Sorry I dint take build photos as I was too keen to get this done :)
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    Another use for tint tubes

    This idea came to me over the last week so spent the weekend making it happen and got them up last night . 2012 Eave lights set up View:
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    2.5m Ray (2D Tree)

    When I worked out my tree I based the strings on the same spacing between strings at the mid point of the tree as the pixel spacing of the strings. But in saying that more is better in my opinion . You could never look stupid with too many lights. There is no such thing as too many :)
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    Decisions Decisions

    Now that I have a few more small arches to play with I cant decide how to lay them out for this year. The more I play the more ideas keep popping up. My 2 favorites so far. Option 1 Arches 2012 option 1 Option 2 Arches 2012 Option 2 Then of course the more traditional side by side .
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    SUCCESS 1 Tint tube arch

    Got 2 1500mm tubes bent today. A lot harder than the bigger arches. I succeeded 2 out of 3 attempts. I didn't quite get the form 100 % correct as you can see below the legs are not at 90 degrees. But I am still happy with them. [attachimg=1] And a quick show off :) 2012 Mini Arches
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    SUCCESS 1 Tint tube arch

    For testing I usually use Vixen as I can set it to just loop 10 secs of sequencing.