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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo May 16-17th 2020 - CANCELLED It seems that the coronavirus restrictions will last 90 days at this stage. We can't yet know what the situation will be by then.
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    Hello from The Netherlands

    Power injection is the key to running lots of pixels per controller output. It involves connecting the pixels directly to the power supply. You don't need to power any of the pixels through the controller. I don't consider the maximmum wattage per controller output to be an important factor in...
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    Hello from The Netherlands

    I completely agree with AAH. The resolution in the video is a little bit low as you mention but even having 30 LEDs per metre means the LEDs will only be 3.3 cm apart which is plenty. You also won't be able to get 7 metres of 5V strip powered at one end without voltage drop causing incorrect...
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    Sydney/NSW NSW Mini at Picton 2018: Dinner Sat night (limit: 30)

    Do we know what time this dinner is? I have registered one attendee because my guest can come but I am unsure about whether I can make it to the dinner myself. Thanks for organising this.
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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    Hi @Benslights This is a photograph of a similar cuplight with a set of red traditional lights in it. The photograph makes the cups look opaque instead of shiny but it is the best I can do. Hope this helps.
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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    Hi Benslights I don't have a decent photograph of a cuplight lit up but I should be able to get a photograph of an existing one within the next couple of weeks. It's locked in the garage and I don't have the key. The cups in the existing one are slightly taller so the lights appear further...
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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    Thanks OzAz. Let's add a cuplight sphere to the list of prizes then. I'd like for this to randomly be reallocated if I happen to win my own prize.
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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    Thanks TByrne Are there going to be door prizes this year? If so then I want to donate a cuplight sphere like I did at the 2016 Adelaide mini. It will be around 56 cm across with approximately 148 cups. I'll make it in two halves and cut a hole in the base of each cup so you can add your choice...
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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    Do we know what time the mini will start on the Saturday? I am in Canberra and would like to know whether I need to book accommodation on the Friday night.
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    Hello from Tamworth

    I used Vixen and then switched to xLights in 2016 and I agree that it is worth trying them both. I'm happy to give out sequences for either of them minus the audio (which can be added back in). The viewers don't care what software you use. It's nice when there is one who's interested in the...
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    Just starting off and hoping for some help & advice!

    I also agree that 12V strips are more suitable than 5V for the purpose that you pictured. I have 12V strip, 5V strip and 5V nodes (no 12V nodes). The only downside of the 12V strip is that the RGB LEDs are wired in groups of 3 and can't be controlled one-by-one. In your application the strips...
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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    I can bring some lights and a DMX controller to hook up with your computer (assuming it's a laptop and you can bring it). I have the 27 channel controller from Ray Wu but it has the same purpose unless you're looking at the DMX2-18.
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    Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

    I could present on converting store-bought lights to computer control with DMX. This is also a topic that I previously covered at an Adelaide mini. Based on the lack of demand for this topic in 2016, I question whether it is worth me presenting it to everyone when I can chat about it at other...
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    Help req with power

    I have only used these DC-DC convertors stepping down from 31V to 12V and 5V. They work well enough though I found that their output voltage...
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    Newbie from Canberra

    Hello from another ACL member in Canberra. I would highly recommend attending this event