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    Greetings from Portugal

    Welcome to ACL. Plenty of info here to get you going. Enjoy the road ahead.
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    To Strip or Not to Strip.

    Ive used rare earth magnets, heat shrinked them and then siliconed onto the end cap. Magnitises to the facia or colourbond with no issues. Not sure what you are trying to mount to but hope this helps.
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    Greetings from Washington, USA

    HI Chuck, Welcome to ACL, enjoy...
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    Greetings from New Jersey USA

    Welcome to ACL, enjoy the road ahead.
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    New member in Canberra

    Welcome to ACL. Enjoy the ride ahead...
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    What Frequency do you Broadcast radio On?

    Have you had any issues using a .0 ending? We had an .even number for one year only and had people suggesting they couldn't tune in on their digital radios in the their cars. Changed to a .odd ending now with no issues.
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    new member portland vic

    Welcome to ACL . Enjoy the road ahead...
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    Hello from Boston, Ma.

    Welcome to ACL. Enjoy the ride...
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    Some say, dont let your wife sell your lights stuff for the price you told her it cost....
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    What do you call your display?

    We have called our "Christmas On Bisley". After the street we live on. 10 years of syncronised lights this yr. oh how things have changed...
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    FM Transmitter - Dead!
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    Fm transmitter ?

    Used this one without fault for over 10 yr in Aust.
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    Pixels Strips on Gutters

    I bought some earth magnets and heat shrinked them. Then liqiud nails them onto the suntuf end cap. Magnet them onto the facia amd slide in tne lights like you know.. Works a treat...
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    Rope lights on Tin / Colorbond Roof

    Ive found a secure and easy method to be 1/2 conduit saddles (size dependant on your rope light) from electrical supplies stores. Unscrew roofing screw and place on the saddle. You can paint them the same as your roof colour. Then come lights time, loosen slightly , slide in rope ligt and...
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    Pixels Strips on Gutters

    No potential great. Been using for a few years now with no issues.