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  1. Jarrad

    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo 2020 (aka Sydney Mini) interest

    Im still not going to get in a plane with you at the controls
  2. Jarrad

    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo 2020 (aka Sydney Mini) interest

    Maybe i could do one on beginners and what to expect from a new persons point of veiw into the hobby, just throwing that one out there. but it would be next to useless if there are a room full of season vets.
  3. Jarrad

    Missing 36v transformer alternative?

    i shall dig into my boxes later today and see what ive got, its just a white light on the rain dear is it?
  4. Jarrad

    Missing 36v transformer alternative?

    Nick, if you can show the end of the plug, i have a stack of these things im probally never going to use agin, i can did through my boxes of crap and try find one for you, cant promise anything though
  5. Jarrad


    welcome to the nut house, if you havnt already check out the 101 manual it has a ton of information.
  6. Jarrad

    New member

    Welcome to the nut house, there is always plenty of help available around here, plenty of info in the 101 manual too. enjoy
  7. Jarrad

    Xlights/FPP/ESP Wifi (Renard)

    Everything ive read and been shown suggests that the number of channels should be set to 510 not 512, im pretty sure some one will see this too and correct me if im wrong
  8. Jarrad

    Hi All From Brisbane

    Welcome to the nutt house Jarrad, if you havnt already have a look at the 101 manual, it helped me a lot and the blokes in here are very help[full
  9. Jarrad

    almost ready to go!

    almost ready to go!
  10. Jarrad

    1st time I let the magic smoke out on an industrial scale

    Oh dear, but your all ok and the car can be replaced, any idea what happened?
  11. Jarrad

    Hey , From Perth Aus

    Hi Ash, Welcome to the fray download a copy of the ACl 101 manual that has a ton of info in it. have fun
  12. Jarrad

    Secret Santa (xLights sequencing edition)

    geeze ill be in that,
  13. Jarrad

    Hello from Geelong, Australia

    Gday Dwight welcome to the nut house,