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    ACL Strobes - Interest post

    solder paste good soldering iron for smd not so good. There is an easier way. Never did this before the ACL strobes. Joel
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    ACL Strobe source?

    Is this the file you are looking for? Can not remember if I modified it or not. Joel[attachurl=1]
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    Carnaval car show

    Re: Canaval car show Try this... C.V. de Centrumknollen Verlichte optocht berghem 2 There are moving, spinning, blinking lights. Might be the right video
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    Monochrome Effects

    Second. 32 56 led LEDancer strips I use HLS Joel
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    Lumens Vs Lux Projectors

    Try this instead Joel
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    The 6803 or 2811 dilemma

    There is new firmware out for the E68x controllers to make the 6803 a lot smoother. Apparently the same thing they did to the CCRs Joel
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    strobe alternatives ?

    Here is a thread for some strobes based on a 3watt star. Blindingly bright. Follow the original thread, then in the last post, jump to my post on DIYC for my take.,1853.0.html Joel
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    DIY 3W LED strobes

    Have to say thanks to Damo If anyone missed it, here is my take on these strobes. and the results... July4 lighting test The strobes fire when you hear the crackle, that is 28 3w...
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    Closed ACL EL Panel for ACL T-Shirt Bulk Buy 2012 March - Now Closed

    Re: ACL EL Panel for ACL T-Shirt Bulk Buy 2012 March Not my call, so I have not cross posted this. I bet the USA orders would double or triple if this were cross posted to DIYC. Just suggesting. Bevo: make my order a solid 5 Joel
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    Closed ACL EL Panel for ACL T-Shirt Bulk Buy 2012 March - Now Closed

    Re: ACL EL Panel for ACL T-Shirt Bulk Buy 2012 March I could go for 4 or 5. I would trust fathead to reship mine. I can not believe no one has asked if these can be hacked. looks like a simple 8 or 9 conductor ribbon cable. JOel
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    DIY 3W LED strobes

    Can I buy a vowel on some of those parts. Is it just an LM317 with a resistor being used? Since you only have two wires there must be a few extra parts there. I know you mentioned the pic was not being used. So what exactly is the driver circuit there? Joel
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    To all of you afraid of SMD/SMT

    To :AAH I am neither good, or competent. I could maybe get chips soldered without messing them up to badly, but resistors usually wanted to stick to my iron more than the board. the solder paste is quite forgiving, even if your hands are not a steady as they once were. To :ChilloutThat is an...
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    To all of you afraid of SMD/SMT

    Time for another cooking lesson. Just my $20 craft embosser. About 15minutes to lay down the solder and place the parts. 5 minutes to cook. 10 minutes to clear bridges and continuity check all connections. a half hour for two boards start to finish. Jump to 2:20 to see the action LEDancer...
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    Independence Day lights

    1 blooming rose, and 2 mini roses. and 16 ACL strobe sticks. video July4 2011 Holiday light set to music JOel
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    The $3 4 channel constant current LED DMX dimmer board ( giveback project )

    Put me down for 100. Whats another 400 channels Joel