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    Pixel colors won't change in XLights

    Are you trying to run your sequence directly from the xLight sequencer? At the top most right its a lightbulb icon, that enables the data output to the controller, maybe not enable it?
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    Deleting Groups in the Display Elements Window

    Hi, @Max Kabilafkas I do always use the File Tab (top left) to save the layout after any change on it. It also have a save button at the bottom of the page but not sure if does the same level of save. Also, if you have a sequence open at the moment of the Layout change, close it and re open...
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    Planning power for megatree

    Hello @Kurt87 Once the controller (Falcon) its set to an specific brightness unless you directly instruct the change and save it, it will not going to change on its own. Things can always happens but before this called bugs occurs it is a fat finger touching what it should not be. Answering...
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    Another New Guy Looking to Get Started

    In reference to the PSU, You mention 1 PSU for the controller; your above list describes it as a Falcon F48 V2. This controller just requires a 5 Vdc 3 Amps power supply to operates. I do have mine powered up by and old beard trimmer power supply that has the barrel tip. That there save you one...
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    Hot pixel

    Very interesting website! Thanks for share. Even has demands.
  6. How to Second Layout in xLights

    How to Second Layout in xLights

    Finally went true the documentation process of how to properly create a second layout in xLights and still use all my controllers ports and channels. It's pretty simple. Instructions also point how to change your permanent show folder and some organizational tips.
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    Arduino and esp8266

    You do not seem to be trying to control RGB pixels, correct? Can you please, describe a little better what you are trying to accomplish? I'm out of my main PC so nit much to share but follow this link, it has some of what you...
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    PI 4 - Unable to connect to FPP

    That's a little more complicated and I have not reached that step yet. A VPN may be possible but no sure how that works.
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    PI 4 - Unable to connect to FPP

    Reboot the Pi. Total power down,
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    Beginner from Austin Texas

    Hi, @Langdawg Welcome to ACL. We have a few great resources like the Aus Christmas lighting 101 manual, Wiki and treads but haven't see much about Arduino yet, probably because I do not look for. What are your display plans? We also have a Chat room, feel welcome to jump on it and ask...
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    Power from PSU changes behaviour of LED strip

    Glad to heard you figured out. Now the sky is the limit...
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    Where in xlights to adjust output brightness

    I do always control the brightness at controller port level.
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    Hi Folks New to Forum

    Welcome to ACL @saperkin. NE Ohio here. Download the Aus Christmas lighting 101 Manual, check out the Wiki's and swing by the chat room every time you feel like.
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    Scotch locks - 3 wire

    I'm partial on that. Its all depends on the tool and time used to heat them. I just use 200 of them that 100 are probably buried in the snow today, no issues so far. The only reason I'm going to stop using using them is the amount of time they required to melt the solder, by the time the solder...
  15. RGB Blinding Lights

    RGB Blinding Lights

    #jorgeBolivar Our RGB pixels displaying one of the season favorites. Our RGB display has around 4900 RGB pixels on various props. We hope our efforts helps t...