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    Vixen VS XLights midlife crisis

    My old computer was sluggish when sequencing with Vixen but I replaced it last year with a i5-4690 processor and 16GB of ram and it is fine now. Show runs off a Pi 3B
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    I need a good source for Pixel mounting strips (NZ)

    My mid size tree is nylon webbing with eyelets. Blatant copy of Ruprechts one
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    Voltage tolerance of 12v pixels

    If you want to a cheap voltage stable power supply for testing you can use a computer power supply. I actually have three in my house setup and have zero issues over many years.
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    Converting a ropelight star to pixels

    They move while being handled during setup but once the wireframe is mounted it takes less than a minute to roughly straighten any that are way off. Not really an issue.
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    Converting a ropelight star to pixels

    Here is a close up of one of my wire frames with square pixels.
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    Converting a ropelight star to pixels

    I have changed some of my wire frames to pixels using square pixels. Attached using a thin cable tie on the diagonal, works well.
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    Which connectors for new display?

    I put a band of yellow heatshrink on to the connectors of any 12v props I have and the same with both ends of their designated power cords.
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    Display location : FM frequency error

    yes I initially fell to the same issue, found a nice quiet frequency, had a Tune To sign professionally printed and then found out about the odds rule. Fixed the sign with duct tape and a sharp knife.
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    Hi Shane, Thanks for the call out. I had time issues this year along with a few problems and...

    Hi Shane, Thanks for the call out. I had time issues this year along with a few problems and did not fire the show up till last night, I was just running patterns when you can past. Jon
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    Newbie here.

    Yes Vixen will send E1.31 for the pixlight or other controller to act on. But you also need to configure your controller so that it knows how to use that data as in which lights/channels are on such ports. I think Keith is hinting that xlights can send that configuration data as well which is...
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    newest code released for ECG-P2, ECG-PIXAD8, ECG-P12R - v2.6, v2.7

    Hi, does anyone have the v2.7 hex file for an ECG-P2 they could share or where I could find a copy? Jon
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    Sydney/NSW 2019 Sydney Mini- June 1-2

    Walking distance for me :)
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    Roof lines - pixabulbs, bullets, strip?

    On the gable ends i am super happy with the cable tie mounts pop riveted to the the colourbond fascia. But I would love a better way for below the gutter. I have thought about the magnet idea but it is a fair bit of weight. I guess I could use the cable tie mounts pop riveted as high as...
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    PC ATX Adapter

    If you are handy you can do it yourself. Here is a link that shows you how. I use two modified pc power supplies in my display and a third as my test power supply