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    Release 2022.10 Released

    Actually huge.
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    Floodlights - 30 Watt

    I have some I got from ray wu, and I run them on a port on their own with no pi with no problems.
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    Falcon F16V4

    aus site is also out of stock now.
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    Blow moulds in Australia

    I think they are looking for a store that sells blowmolded christmas props, rather than a blowmolding factory.
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    3D Printers

    they have AU warehouse too.
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    Hobart/Tas TAS Mini 2022 interest?

    May 21 is VCS.
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    Newbie Controller Question

    You don't need to worry about channels at all, just set up your controllers and props in xlights and it will take care of it.
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    Falcons are now for sell at

    he doesn't want to take pre-orders until he knows for sure he is getting product. so once the product is on the way he can open pre-orders for just the quantity he has coming.
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    Release 2022.07 Released

    Thanks Keith
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    Thoughts on San Devices

    I don't think we are talking about the same thing. Hanson boards run FPP, not WLED.
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    Thoughts on San Devices

    They don't work as easy right out of the box like Kulps do, but they work fine once you have them configured right.
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    Thoughts on San Devices

    feeling like any controller you can get your hands on will do this year.
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    Falcon Controller F16v4 Stock

    You need to load FPP on the beagle