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    is LSP no longer being developed?

    Freedom of Speech!!! Some needs to remind these terrorist this is how the rest of us think!!! Anyway, I can tell you 100% for sure - Development is happening. And again, if you have ideas for a macros - PM me your idea. Posting in the forum might get lost when I am programming.
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    ACL Strobe Building

    I tested every single item as I worked with it. Meaning, confirm light worked with the resiter, then soldered, tested the board. So far good. Then I started gluing them together, testing one at a time. Three of the 6 I glued did nothing on the initial test (glue still wet). Then I retested those...
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    Yeah the EQ has been on my mind for a while. A VU meter would be kind of like the sonogram??? I Like
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    New Macro/extension

    if you install this and LSP does not start up, you have to unblock it. A couple of people with Win8 machines have had this issue. Simple right click on the dll, click on Unblock
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    ACL Strobe Building

    What is the best way/product to seal them with. I used hot glue a couple of them quit working after the heat from the glue... So I quit sealing so I don't break more of them.
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    No promises! But if you have an idea for a macro, Post it in this thread.
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    New Macro/extension

    Hot off the presses. I threw this together quickly, thus it might not be perfect.. RonD was asking for a macro that spins the other macro in a collection. Here is his idea plus I merged it with a macro that David release last year. Here is a video on how to use it...
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    ACL Strobe Building

    I followed the pdf on the WIKI, Finished one all the way till the end, including hot glue... Now only 143 more to go These boards are small! VERY BRIGHT LIGHTS!
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    Trying to get an NDB up

    I assume you are reading this: Shut off all the other network adapters on your computer. Set your computer's NIC to, the subnet mask needs to be and the gateway needs to be For...
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    LSP Scheduler Error

    I read all the posts; I agree with Eddy LSP's forum and Ticketing system is there for your use. Also there is a FB group that is pretty active. Anyway, this error is your computer does not have the correct version of the .NET Framework. Most people get automatic updates from Microsoft...
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    I must be missing something in backing up my XML files

    Most of the files you need are in the My LightShow Settings folder But I forgot to add a couple files to this folder so you have to go to program files\Minleon\sequencer to copy these UserGradients.grdx - this is all the color slider gradients you created tbmru - this is simply all the files...
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    Anyone want to share a Frozen sequence?

    I am not sure how good I did. I merged Do you want to build a Snowman, into For the First the time in forever and then into frozen. The entire sequence is 7 minutes. I took a while to sequence it all... Hopefully this gives you some ideas.
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    Closed ACL Strobe Mk 2 bulk buy - ends 12 September 2014

    Update to my order from 2 full kits to 3 full kits - payment sent
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    Closed ACL Strobe Mk 2 bulk buy - ends 12 September 2014

    Lock me in for 2 full kits. Thanks, Ken
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    Visulizer freezing

    You will be happy with the upcoming 2.8 release! There was some buggy code that got cleaned up. For sure you want to optimize, it cleans up and removes things out of the files that cause some of these issues. Also a 40meg file, you should be using the 64 bit version. You are getting...