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    Xmas 2015 - first music sequence ever.

    Excellent work!
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    First Video 2015

    Excellent job...well done!
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    My First MegaTree

    Just fantastic, I am blown away by the final result and the quality of your work...well done!
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    My First MegaTree

    Thanks for the detailed reply...I must have another look at the reversed checkbox!
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    My First MegaTree

    Thanks. Did you wire the strips from the bottom of the tree? I made some meteors and used Vixen as well, but effects like meteor moved from the bottom of the meteors up. I assumed this was because pixel 1 was at the top of my meteors, whereas I think the effect assumed pixel one was at the...
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    My First MegaTree

    That is amazing! What software are using to control the pixels? I am very impressed!
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    Am I allowed to start planning this years display yet ?

    Get started now! I've been working on my 14 RGB meteors for about three weekends. Every year I leave it too late and end up not achieving what I had hoped for. Grant
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    First to say check out the Australian lunar eclipse on NOW if the sky is clear where you are....
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    I can't solder pigtails to RGB strips....ARRHHHH!

    Problem solved! I invested in a more powerful iron and some leaded solder. The difference is amazing. My RGB strip connections now look like they were done by a pro :-) Thanks again everyone. Grant
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    I can't solder pigtails to RGB strips....ARRHHHH!

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I'll start looking at temperature controlled irons and 'leaded' solder! Cheers, Grant
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    I can't solder pigtails to RGB strips....ARRHHHH!

    I've been a 'casual soldering' for about 25 years, and thought my technique was OK. I've mostly put various kits together, from the old 'Dick Smith Funway into Electronics' (anyone remember those!) to more recently various light controllers. I've never had a problem until I started working...
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    Sandevice e682 vs PixLite16

    I've only used the Sandevices controller, but it was a pleasure to build and works well. Grant
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    Source of Coro in Sydney?

    Hi all, the lights are up, and was wondering if I have time for a coro project... Does anyone know a good source of coro around Sydney? I've seen it in Bunnings, but I've also seen others mention sign writing places. Any recommendations are appreciated. Grant
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    First show ever

    Fantastic, looks great!
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    Silicone Sealant

    I second the Parfix product from Bunnings - I've not had any problems with it, and it's pretty cheap.