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    xLights sharing: sequences

    Another "Dominick the Donkey" uploaded to the share. It's "Dominick the Donkey - KinzuaKid" to pick it out from all the others. As I mentioned on the FB group, I probably screwed something up in the packaging, but happy to correct whatever is broken.
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    Answered 3D image make lighter

    I think you're asking to brighten or darken the background house image in xLights. If so, you're looking for the background image settings window that should show up every time you open xLights and switch to the "layout" tab. Settings for brightness and transparency are available. The background...
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    Re-purposing Incandescent Bulb Shells

    You folks have given me a wealth of material to work with; here's something simple I'm enthusiastic for next year's display: re-purposing an incandescent bulb fixture, or 30. I found these in the US at Michael's: They come in packs of 5, wired for 110v AC mains. The shell is about 25cm high...