Re-purposing Incandescent Bulb Shells


New elf
Dec 2, 2017
You folks have given me a wealth of material to work with; here's something simple I'm enthusiastic for next year's display: re-purposing an incandescent bulb fixture, or 30.

I found these in the US at Michael's:

They come in packs of 5, wired for 110v AC mains. The shell is about 25cm high, conveniently disassembles with screws, and provides easy wiring access/egress from the bottom. Strip the wiring and incandescent bulb fixture, replace with 15-30 pixels, and...viola:

I have these rewired with 15 pixels each and the brightness is throttled to 50%. I wanted a yard edging that gave me a way to do a fun candle effect when there's no show running. They look great with the standard candle effect in xLights. I have about 30 of them and plan to use these instead of arches.

Because these are probably out of production after this year, it's unlikely you'll find the exact match for this box, but there are countless other examples to work with:

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