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    Who's still doing their display in COVID Victoria?

    The greater metropolitan area of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is under Stage 4 COVID19 restrictions; it is possible that Stage 4 restrictions could still be in place come Christmas 2020 time. One of the Stage 4 restrictions is a curfew on citizens from 8pm to 5am; if you live in a Stage 4...
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    Detailed write-up of how I did my first display in 2019

    Thanks for documenting this into a blog. Reading through all your entries has helped clarify a few things for me. I felt pretty comfortable with most of the steps you outlined until the maths and wiring diagrams crept in. I think that is what is putting a damper on my enthusiasm - I find the...
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    Udemy - Automate and Animate Your Holiday Lights Using RGB Pixels

    For a measly $12 bucks, you don't have a lot to lose. BTW - I've bought his course, and found it very informative, chock full of practical advice, and have watched it a couple of times through already. For a n00b, it's a great place to start.
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    any ideas on song choices for 2019

    Anyone done this one ...? :D
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    Wire frames: rope lights off - pixels on

    I’ve in mind to do similar with the rope light motifs I have, too. Good work :)
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2019 Dates

    Any of the dates work for me at the moment also.
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    ChromaTrim and Conduit behind eaves

    Cable tie anchors like these may also do the trick for you. Depends on how permanent you want the fittings to be. I've read that some use the anchors and paint them the same colour as their guttering/eaves and keep them there all year round. Fixing them with screws or silicone should do the...
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    Scribble away, go nuts!

    Wow. Your plan looks great. I'm a newbie much as yourself and my line of thinking was starting with just some simple props such as window or roof outlines this year, and have my existing displays (dumb lights) to compliment it. That plan may change depending on how quickly / confident I am in...
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2019 - Interest (tentatively in May, need venue)

    Well, silver linings and all that ...? ;) Still about a 2hr 1-way journey for you. My mum lives out your way, so I know what an arduous drive it is.
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2019 - Interest (tentatively in May, need venue)

    Just noting that the Lyrebird community centre is a separate location (Carrum Downs) than the Frankston Library (Frankston).
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    Roof lines - pixabulbs, bullets, strip?

    NVM. Just re-read your post. How quick are they to install each time you put them up? And you have permanent brackets they clip into or how to you fix them? Nice job.
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2019 - Interest (tentatively in May, need venue)

    Some examples of elements might be interesting. Be good to see how people have approached the buidling of common and unique elements used in their displays. Ie. from materials used, complexity levels in creation, or making use of commercially available templates, etc. For me, anything to help...
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    Have you heard the one about.....

    Nice. I would half-consider this tongue-in-cheek one from Weird Al ... but it's maybe not so much in the Christmas spirit ...
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    A Melbournian, looking to get creative

    Yeah cool. I’m in SE suburbs, in Sandhurst (near Carrum Downs). If there’s a willing soul nearby, I’d be grateful to have a chat. Was surprised to see three locations on your members map that are close to me and have done displays already. Wish I’d known before Christmas - I’d have gone to check...
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    A Melbournian, looking to get creative

    Awesome, guys, thanks for the responses. Sounds like I've come to the right place to start from scratch. I'll keep an eye out for that Mini meetup - reckon that'd be a great place to start for someone like me ... to be able to physically see how a system is setup, and ask why it's setup the way...