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    Which LEDs and where to buy

    Hi all I'm looking at buy more led lights for next year. Just wondering where other members buy their LEDs form. How will i know that they are good quality, or would others recommend going to rgb? How do you power these, and what is easier to program with light o Rama? thanks any help is greatly...
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    Anyone build LOR boards

    Hi im not sure where to post this, I'm just wondering if I buy a light o Rama board that's not complete would anyone be able to set it up with Plugs? I'm happy to pay for this to be done and postage or are their any other boards that come made? Thanks
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    Masters Outdoor Weatherproof Boxes

    Hi just wondering how big of a power board fits in these, as the closet masters is 4 hours way, so I thought I would ask other members what size power board fits in size one, thanks
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    How to attach lights and light frames to a tile roof

    Thanks everyone for the great responses, I have an idea of how to do now, any tips for keep rope lights up their?
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    How to attach lights and light frames to a tile roof

    Hi all I'm a new member and have only just started out with decorating my house, my house has a tile roof and I was just wondering how other members have made their lights and rope lights stay on a their tile roof, I also have a light frame of Santa in a sleigh that I would like to put up on the...