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    Beginner question for a small house in a small street, wled esp8266 or xLights control method?

    Hi Badger, a smaller display can still look great with clever prop use. You mention house outlines inc windows and roof lines etc as well as some arches which can display some great effects. I don't have any experience with esp8266s controllers but some have had success while others have not...
  2. LawrenceDriveLights

    Butane Soldering Iron Advice

    Why not a conventional plug in type soldering iron or you want something portable? I recently got a Milwaukee 12v cordless lith battery one (as I have the battery’s already) and it seems ok for a portable iron. Lots of options it seems for portable soldering irons. Ryobi also does a nice looking...
  3. LawrenceDriveLights

    Hobart/Tas Tas Mini 2020 - May 24th 2020

    No worries Andrew, will be able to show a complete setup if you want from xLights layout configuration to controller settings and upload and some sequencing tips and tricks.
  4. LawrenceDriveLights

    Hobart/Tas Tas Mini 2020 - May 24th 2020

    No worries we would be glad to help What sort of hands on type of things did you have in mind ie actuallly building things, soldering etc or more electronics / software type hands on ie configuring pixel controller, FPP and xLights configuration for examples
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    Hobart/Tas Tas Mini 2020 - May 24th 2020

    Reserved this page for additional information )
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    Hobart/Tas Tas Mini 2020 - May 24th 2020

    Hi, I have noticed a few new members from Tas over the last few months on ACL and existing Tas members and thus asking if anyone would be interested in attending a Mini in Northern Tasmania. My preference is in NW Tas (D'port / Burnie) and at a pinch can arrange a premise to hold a small number...
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    Lawrence Drive Lights 'Junior' Mega Tree

    As part or our Display addition for 2019 was a Junior MegaTree (180 degree 50 nodes x 24 strands). Here is what it looked liked (yes the compulsory MegaTree picture with butterfly effect). View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tz9wzu9k0z0hkvr/Photo%2025-11-19%2C%208%2046%2051%20pm.jpg?dl=0...
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    10µW transmit distance?

    Not sure that's is a great video David :)
  9. LawrenceDriveLights

    10µW transmit distance?

    This is a good video about audio for your display, but most are above the limit u mentioned. http://videos.xlights.org/mobile/xessentials-s2e24-optimizing-your-displays-audio_bd643c8f6.html
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    Pixel Controller in CG-1000 Enclosure

    @David_AVD Here is my set up of CG1500 a PSU and a Rasp pi. View: https://youtu.be/5ZsKoQtyVgw
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    Pixel Controller in CG-1000 Enclosure

    How many channels can that chicken control David :)
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    Lawrence Drive Lights MegaTree Build

    I was after a alternative way to store the megatree strip this year. I had previously rolled the strips up inside the storage boxes and used scraps pieces of cardboard between each string. View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x87akf3csyhesur/Photo%204-7-18%2C%2012%2055%2009%20pm.jpg?dl=0 It...
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    Is this cable overkill?

    Not Sure Dez but David has this great little calculator for estimating voltage drop https://www.da-share.com/calculators/cable-voltage-drop/
  14. LawrenceDriveLights

    Simple tune-to

    Looks like you are making good use of your CNC then
  15. LawrenceDriveLights

    12V Resistor and 12V Regulated WS2811 Pixels

    Hi all, I noticed some of the commonly used Chinese vendors are now offering for sale both Resistor and Regulated types of 12V WS2811 pixels and there is a little price difference between the different types. Wired Watts has provided some information regarding this and some pictures to help...