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    Shipping with Ray

    My last order was over 2k in shipping. It came in 12 boxes and weighed over 800 lbs. total. Any time I have ordered pigtails, extensions, wire, etc. , in other words the heavy stuff, shipping is high. Still it figures out to be less than I can purchase for with any of the "vendors".
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    newest code released for ECG-P2, ECG-PIXAD8, ECG-P12R - v2.6, v2.7

    Wow, talk about dredging up an old thread!
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    WS2811 strobe pixels from Ray Wu store

    I have some of these from Ray, they work on the Green channel of the RGB for a 2811 standard pixel. I talked with Ed an J1 Sys and he said he is busy adding a "strobe" integration to his controller lineup to support this function. Z
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    Ray wu response

    Sorry guys, it's my fault. When I ordered so many technicolor pixels Ray had to buy two new injection machines and hire 4 new employees to keep up. Things should be running faster in a few weeks when my orders are complete! Z
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    Anybody have their P12S working correctly in test mode?

    If you have test enabled in the software then it will play regardless of the dip switch position. I leave it off in the software always and only use the switch so I don't get confused. Zach
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    Anybody have their P12S working correctly in test mode?

    Greg, My p12s works fine with dip4 in test mode. If you just took it out of the box you need to flash the newest firmware to it. Zach
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    square pixels

    These are crap. They are better than the soft silicone molded but they have two major flaws. One, the liquid resin that is poured in rarely penetrates all the way to the bottom of the LED. This leaves a little pocket right under the base where moisture and water accumulates and rusts out the...
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    A different kind of strobe...

    David, These are the 10W RGB but the circuit should be able to handle up to 30W for the biggie floods! Zach
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    A different kind of strobe...

    10W High Power RGB LED DMX Strobe Light
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    Waterproof Pigtail Pinout andd Wiring Colors

    The diagram is specifically for if you order pixels from Rita (Ray Wu) with the ends molded on. Doesn't matter TM1804, WS2811, WS2812b, WS2801, 6803, etc. If you order pixels from Rita (Like the technicolor pixels) and the ends are molded onto them, they should follow this standard. There is...
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    Waterproof Pigtail Pinout andd Wiring Colors

    Diagram for the 2,3,and 4 Core Waterproof Pigtail Pinouts and Wire Colors for the new 18 gauge black pigtails from Rita Lighting.
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    Initial ECG-P12S Firmware Released!!!

    Got the new firmware loaded this AM, seems to be working great. Ran it through a test of 12 universes and am blown away by just how perfect it ran. No lag or drops at all! Awesome stuff, keep up the great work Ed!
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    ECG-P12S - what is it and when can i get one?

    Got mast week, just need the firmware upgrade! So anxious to get it working!
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    NEW - 2811 12vdc 16 sections 48 LEDs per metre strip from Ray

    That's what these appear to be, no visible chips, etc. Just the 5050 LED and one small resistor. And yes, VERY bright!
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    NEW - 2811 12vdc 16 sections 48 LEDs per metre strip from Ray

    I just got a new prototype strip in from Ray, it's 5V but VERY high resolution. 60 LEDs per meter, each individually controlled 281IC. It's freakin' bright!