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    Dancing Bunnings Penguins

    Very nice mate!
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    Hi from Newcastle

    all us novacastrians will need our own forum soon :D
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    Di electric grease?

    ..agree. I've used deg on exposed outdoor (non waterproof) connectors successfully for 3 consecutive years. It certainly helps stop corrosion, but collects every piece of dust,dirt,insect in the vicinity. Having said that, without it the connectors would have been useless by now. It's typically...
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    My first Mega Tree. - GAtesz

    great job for your very first tree!
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    My first Mega Tree. - GAtesz

    You could actually run the whole 800 pixel tree from one ESP at a reduced framerate. Try it first and see if you are happy with how it looks. Otherwise, split it in two. For xlights... I've had most success using unicast and assigning each ESP device it's own IP address, and I believe most...
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    Glue for rare earth magnets

    Try liquid nails polyurethane (far better than the regular stuff). This has held cabletie clips to our tiled roof for many years, nothing else came close to working. I've actually not yet found anything it won't stick together. It's also ever so slightly flexible, just don't use to much as it...
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    ..that's sylvester and yes he's been known to swat people at random :D
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    It’s that time of year when you run out!

    +1 on Paullys pixels... they are great and well priced for stocked locally. Plan for 10 days delivery (unless he's doing better now), but that's still far better than from china.
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    Yet a lot of people still can't work out what the reindeer nose does! :D
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    Controller Best Practices

    I was also juggling between an F16V3 and an F48. Max run to any item in the yard from the controller is about 15m. Was able to get that 15m easily using an F16V3 and Alans pixel buffer, via some cheap 3 core security cable. A cheap CRO showed very little deformation of the pulses due to the...
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    Standalone setup - FPP and ESPixelStick?

    Assuming you have a dhcp server running on the PI.. You just need to assign a static IP to each esp mac address handed out to the esp. .This will be similar to your Pi's subnet (typically 192.168.0.x) To find the mac, (once you program the SSID and password into the ESP to logon to the Pi)...
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    F8-Distro board question (power injection)

    personally I'd keep each D1 and it's level shifter near the end of the strips (encase them in pvc pipe with endcaps). Of course these would have to be in range of your wifi AP or router. Then simply run power to them and the strip (22awg probably won't work with that sort of length, too much...
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    My first Mega Tree. - GAtesz

    You can use 2 esp8266 controllers, just use one for each half.
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    Hi from Newy

    Welcome, feel free to hit us locals up for any help/advice, quite a few of us here now! Most here would suggest a falcon V3. Espixelsticks also work very well as an intro into pixels.
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    Mega tree materials.

    Just use a trampoline base, the 10ft dia ones are the perfect size for a 5m tree.