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    Last year I had an erection problem

    Think they are called LEDagra.
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    e682 capacity

    Just checked mine, 12 universes with unicast and 6 with multicast, you need to be using v4 and above firmware I think.
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    Mega 60 install

    Nicely layed out.
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    2811 strobe setup

    As this is the first time I have tried them I am quite happy with how they look, was just wondering if anyone might have a couple of strings of these that they want to sell, could now do with some more.
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    2811 strobe setup

    Reading this reminded me that I had a few strings of these lying around, so I dug them out and gave them a try. As David said just set them up as 50 pixels or what ever number you have, I'm using a F16V2, and am giving xlights a go this year, not sure about vixen but xlights has a strobe effect...
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    Closed Falcon F16v2 E1.31 pixel controller Buy 2015 #2 - CLOSED

    Hi Daryl, I will grab another main board please.
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    Closed Falcon F16v2 E1.31 pixel controller

    I am still in for 1 of each board.
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    Falcon F16v2 E1.31 pixel controller interest

    Re: Falcon F16v2 E1.31 pixel controller Put me down for 1 of each board.
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    Away for surgery

    Good luck and all the best for your beak surgery.
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    3D Pixel Star Megatree Topper

    Hi Gareth I would be interested in getting some, but as you say the imperial measurements may be an issue, plus is there something similar to the PEX he has used here in Aus.
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    Another Arduino Strobe Project

    Thx for sharing your project, have a couple of arduino boards and displays sitting idle, looking forward to having a play when you finish coding.
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    Adelaide/SA 2014 Adelaide "Christmas Light & Computer Control Mini Expo" May 24-25 CONFIRMED

    Re: 2014 Adelaide "Christmas Light & Computer Control Mini Expo" May 24-25 Matt you can count me in again too.
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    Null pixels

    Interesting fix for my problem, upon squeezing the molding of the pixel, the blue turned on, dodgy connection somewhere, so, one hose clamp applied and tightened and problem of pixel solved, still need to work out how to program the null pixel in the P2 though so I know what I am doing for next time
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    Null pixels

    I have some mini trees with 100 5v pixels on each, they are being driven by a ECG-P2 three trees on first output and three on the second, the first tree now has a pixel that the blue led doesn't work (no spares left to replace it) wanted to make this pixel a null pixel (could just wrap black...
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    Happy with Ray Wu

    Most of my experiences with Ray havel been positive, those that were not were soon rectified by him in a very short period of time and usually with some sort of a bonus add in.