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    Cool story bros

    Cool story bros
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    City of Perth christmas decorations auction
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    City of Perth Christmas decorations auction

    Just spotted this on Ross auctions if anyone is looking for a 4 meter high angel current bid is $200
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    making my lawn white (like snow)

    Dam looks like there is no options really...I don't want to reapply everyday, maybe once a week. Might have to be white sand.
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    making my lawn white (like snow)

    I am starting to plan out for this christmas and I want to make it look like it has been snowing. I don't want to top dress with white sand because my lawn has been top dressed too many times already and kinda bulges, and I live in Perth so soil quality is already an issue that would only be...
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    Snow Machine??

    what sort of bubble liquid are you using for the mix, I use Down to Earth brand dishwashing liquid and (perhaps naively) thought that wouldn't be so bad on the lawn but I guess the ISO is the killer and over a month it's going to do some damage.
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    Snow Machine??

    I have seen that video and a few others... BensChristmasLights - did you rent the unit or do you own it? Your wording suggest you don't have it anymore or that it didn't last, I was just curious as I have seen quite a few around the $100 mark on ebay and with all cheap things on ebay you...
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    Snow Machine??

    I'm starting to prepare for next year already and I was thinking of making snow machine...the basic design is a blower, some sprinklers that spray foam, with a cloth bag over them that the air blows into. I have done a bit of research (not a lot as you can gather). Has anyone done this or...
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    Hello from another Perthite

    welcome from another sandgroper .
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    Hello From Perth

    Gday, I have just joined up, this will be my first christmas doing outdoor lighting. I don't have much this year, about 600 meters of lights. I bought a heap of lights for decorating the backyard pool area for our engagement party...It was awesome here is a pic below...