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  1. Little Drummer Boy

    Little Drummer Boy (2020)

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    Wiring verandah Posts

    Are you wiring them up so that the start of each post is in the same place on each one? ie top or bottom? Not sure if it works for you but it may be possible to simplify the wiring by effectively creating a zig zag pattern, so for example if the start of post 1 is at the bottom so the start of...
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    HP Power Supply - Breakout Board

    I'd like one with chunky M6 or 8 bolt terminals so I can take a single thick pair of wires off to a 80/100 amp breaker then to a fuse breakout or busbar.
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    HP server psu breakout boards

    There are quite a few pinouts by the look across the range of HP PSUs but there seems to be a popular one that many conform to. Problem is the specific one I got is only a little bit different to the common standard so it looked like it should work but didn't. Mine runs at 12.3, never thought...
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    HP server psu breakout boards

    I used a HP PSU for my display last year and got a breakout board for it. Problem is the pinout was slight off, despite it saying it was supported. My PSU is 800watt. I believe the 750 and 1200's are the same but my dumb luck had a slightly different layout. I tried hacking the board but...
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    Confirm Understanding of Power Injection

    Not ideal but in that setup if a bunch of pixels run amok and draw too much fuses should just pop
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    Confirm Understanding of Power Injection

    Yea fully agree with keeping it simple and looking for convenient places. I have a 550 node element which essentially outlines a deck facade including poles, floor line, handrail, and roof line. Basically 3 parallel horizontal runs and 4 parallel vertical ones which intersect the horizontal...
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    Which PSU to use for display?

    Simple answer, it isn't any different and you should not do it. Separate your power needs into zones and make sure there are no positives from two different supplies connected. In my large matrix I have 4 power zones with runs of 400 pixels with injection every 100 and at each end. This means...
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    Pixel spacings for Displays

    It was my first year at this and built a matrix panel with bullet pixels, 64 x 25 at 30mm spacing. Viewing distance is about 10-15m, you can see it here: View: Overall pretty happy with it, will likely make another the same this year with the two...
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    Decisions that should be made before a build?

    You still need to power the Falcon. If power injecting then run the data and -ve wires from the outputs to where your pixels are then from a power supply out there connect the +ve and -ve wires to those pixels. Note the ground from the pixels needs to run to both the PSU and the Falcon. I've...
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    Pixel tree around a real tree trunk?

    now with 3d Xlights you might be able to make a nice custom model with it
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    Pixel tree around a real tree trunk?

    Yep like above, just give it a go. My place doesn't have a standard streetscape so have had to be creative for much of that I put out. Some things worked a treat and some things didn't work as well as I wanted which just gives me stuff to work on. If you can picture it and think you can build...
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    LED Driver PSU for pixels

    If you are wanting to power prepackaged pixels like the bullet or square nodes then pretty sure you want constant voltage. All the typical LEDs used for these displays have their own driver chips and in the case of 12 volt versions have their own inbuilt regulator. I use old server power...
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    Outline house with curves/archs

    I have not done it but for your garage I think PVC pipe would work ok there. I think if you made it the length of the arch way, it could press against the side walls and be forced upwards to match the shape of outline. Attach that on each side to two parallel vertical sections (one behind the...
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    Luke Lights on Leech St

    Ahh that's the reference to Firebase further up. Wasn't sure where exactly that fitted in. I was thinking of using AWS Lambda but have not got around to putting any of those ideas into motion yet.