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    Voltage & Amp Meter

    Finally by down grading the res to VGA.
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    Voltage & Amp Meter

    Trying to up load but keeps coming back saying can't do it will try and down size the res.
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    Voltage & Amp Meter

    Just wandering if anyone can tell me how this gets wired I know the black and red is power but wandering about the 3 wire I think would be data power and neutral but which is which. Will not load picture so colours are Blue Green and Yellow.
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    Boscoyo Rolls take 2

    Talk to him because I think I heard he was getting some.
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    Hey There

    My plans for the next year display on the 1st of December when this years start.
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    Boscoyo Rolls take 2

    Before going to far we have a Bosco authorised supplier that makes them in Aussie, his name is Troy website is
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    I had 2 special circuits with RCD and timers installed so only lights are on these. That's why I was looking at mean wells as they don't peak like Chinese 1's.
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    Only thing possibly is my system was running 3 and sometimes when it turned on my RCD tripped, have heard that they can spike, I do have a lot of standard lights as well so could have just been freak thing.
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    They are 12V.
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    OK so when I look at the Mean Wells I see LRS which Daryl says is the cheaper version which 1 do people recommend for us to use.
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    What about this 1.
  12. Noel Richards Power Supplies

    Darylc which would you suggest.
  13. Noel Richards Power Supplies

    Spent a few hours on last night and got confused with the variety of PS which 1 do people use they say all different amounts of outputs, I'm use to cheap chinese where you have + - E then 2 + - I will be powering a matrix with 2,688 nodes so need around 300w or bigger. Noel
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    Sydney/NSW 2019 Sydney Mini- June 1-2

    Done Thanks Ben for all your hard work great weekend hope you get better quick. Noel