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    Been distracted somewhat. What's up?

    Been distracted somewhat. What's up?
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    my pc has a virus

    Does sound a bit like some of the "browser search assistant" problems I've dealt with. These don't just come with nasties or bad sites or crook downloads - a good example is the Ask toolbar that gets installed with Adobe Acrobat(unless you pay attention and tell it not to). Some of them get a...
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    power for Big W lights

    ???? Sorry if I annoyed you - I reread the original post and it sounded like the original question was after something different than everyone was answering. My understanding was that the Mfc in some cases converts low voltage ac from the plug pack to dc as well as applying the various...
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    power for Big W lights said "directly to the PSU".... Just want to clarify - are you running the lights directly(chopping off the Mfc) and having them always on, looking at getting rid of the wall plug(and using the mfc) or running the lights through a controller? Edit: Just reread - sounds like you're...
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    power for Big W lights

    Looks like the same PSU I'm using. I've got 80 sets of bigw lights and six LOR DC controllers running at 30v on two power supplies quite happily. Most load on one supply is three controllers and 46 strings.... Cheers!
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    Bigger tools for workshop.

    Mmmmmmmm.........sharpening gear........that's another type of workshop madness....stones, strops, guides, abrasive polishes, rouge.... Cheers!
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    Thats fixed it..

    Hmmmm........pumpkin'ed blowmould sounds like an interesting start.......should be plenty bright enough..... Cheers!
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    Multiple Switches

    Have you tried the smaller switch on its own(make sure it functions)? Also, what about switching the switches around(daisychaining the big switch from the small one). Note that this might work but could be a performance hit(if the smaller switch is a cheapie). What about trying different...
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    How do you Manage your display?

    I have my show laptop running the show scheduler all the time, power supplies and amplifier are on timers. Timers turn on and off about an hour before and after the show. My biggest concern with this setup is timers getting out of synch due to power outages(reasonably common up here in storm...
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    Christmas Gift Ideas

    A better tool box or organiser case for tools/bits? Pegboard and hooks? Cheers!
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    Christmas Gift Ideas

    A proper wire stripper? One of those fancy cable tie pliers? Cheers!
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    New Zealand

    You can easily spend weeks doing a "quick" trip around the south island..... Cheers!
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    Battery powered RGB lights

    Just having a look at that first piccie - would it be difficult dropping 240v into the cube from the ceiling? Cheers!
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    Battery powered RGB lights

    Just saw this thread - I use a similar idea for camping lights on the motorbike. Essentially a old/retired 12v motorcycle battery(7200Ah) with one of Ray Wu's package deals(mini rf controller + 100ct dumb node string). Packaged up in a small boat battery box and a few waterproof connectors...
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    Warning Re Australian Customs

    While I remember - the other thing I've seen is "gift" and no value recorded..... Cheers!