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  1. Hourigan Elements

    Hourigan Elements

    Some of the built elements
  2. IMG_0980.JPG


    Sleigh and Reindeers (about 2300mm long and around 950mm)
  3. IMG_0981.JPG


    2 of the 6 mini trees 1200mm high and 320mm wide at the base
  4. IMG_0983.JPG


    Star 1220mm wide and 1150mm high
  5. IMG_0984.JPG


    8 RGB 10w Floods mounted on a board which is 1700mm wide
  6. IMG_0985.JPG


    1 of the 2 Christmas trees 1140mm wide at base and 1625mm high
  7. IMG_0986.JPG


    Falcon 16V including expansion board and the enclosure it is in
  8. IMG_0987.JPG


    Enclosure for Falcon controller
  9. IMG_0988.JPG


    1 of the 3 J1SYS P12Rs in the enclosure with 2 of the transformers
  10. IMG_0989.JPG


    Enclosure for 1 of the J1SYS ECG P12R
  11. IMG_0982c.jpg


    Matrix 1580 mm wide and 1070mm high it’s 2 separate panels joined together
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    P12s to DMX step by step

    I'm still a newbie despite having an all RGB E1.31 display. I'm adding some DMX floods. I'm reasonably clear on the P12s settings to enable some dmx universes but not at all clear on programming and outputs. As I run 3 separate P12s via a Raspberry pi (running Falcon's fpp) all of my...
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    RGB Floods

    Thanks David, Can you point me to a link for the tool. I'm thinking around 10 separate floods so being able to deal with addressing will make it easier to incorporate and gives me the flexibility to expand.
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    RGB Floods

    Just looking for a recommendation about rgb floods. All of my display is currently 5v WS2801 running off 3 separate ECGP12s. I realise I can run a DMX out from the P12s but I'd prefer E1.31 as that's how the rest of my display works. As far as I can tell Ray Wu only sells dmx floods. I've...
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    ECGp12S trouble with 2812B strips

    The culprit was a blown fuse but also a dud strip. Replaced the fuse, tried a different strip, fiddled with the baud rate and finally success. I ended up at 3000 but once I add any length of cable I may need to dial down the baud rate a little. Anyway thanks for the tip on checking voltage...