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    USB RS485

    Hi I need one of these a usb adaptor to connect my pc to the lor box, must I use theirs or can I buy one in Australia ?? thanks
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    got my hardware, now sequencing!!

    Hi all Finally bought some hardware 32 channels of 240v lights and 16 channels of RGB's Now to do the sequencing with LOR software, where do you start to match the lights with the music and which lights when, any shortcuts. Phil
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    sequnces wanted

    Hi Can anyone help me with some sequences, i have attached my planned setup. I think it is 64 channels, 16 for plug in light to CTP16-PC, 24 for xmas tree (8 led strips x 3 colors) and 24 for gutter, windows and spotlights (8 led strips x 3 colors) [/size] I would like: Amazing Grace, Music Box...
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    still trying

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    still trying

    Hi still trying to get my display ready for this year (first attempt) all you expert helpers out there would this work.
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    i will have lor sequencing but just need help on best way to go
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    HI If i have a CTP16-Pc controller that give me 16 channels of 240v lights/motifs etc and 2 x CMB24D boards one CMB24D for a tree with 8 2m rgb led light strips (dumb) and CMB24D for rgb led strip along gutter libe and indow plus some spotlights, what channel sequence am i looking for, is that...
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    where can i get 12v rgb spot lights like these with 4 wires to connect to my lor cmb24d board Thanks Phil
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    nearly there i hope !!

    I am thinking of this setup. [/size]computer to CMB24D (to run V​41412796?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l​2649&var=551301102472&ssPageName=​STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT) [/size] [/size] then rj45 to CTP16PC to run my lights motifs etc, [/size] [/size]then rj45 to another CMB24D...
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    Hi Thanks for the input is this a better option as a starter package to get my going easily?
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    LOR1602Wg3 Pro series 240v controller & 16ch - CMB-16D-QC

    Hi Might be interested just starting out, Phil
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    Thanks for your replies,My head is getting more and more confused i am better going: [/size]CTP16PC (residential starter kit) and a CMB24D or [/size]CTB16PC and a CMB24D [/size]I will be using low voltage led strings lights and motif shapes (father xmas, reindeers etc) on one board and 5m rgb...
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    Hi [/size]anyone know about CTB-32LD board from LOR
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    Help Again please

    Hi i am struggling to set up a system using LOR, i was going to use LOR 16 channel starter controller for my lights on the trees and 2 x CMB24D controllers for my led strip lights. [/size]But my lights are led low voltage lights with a power adaptor, i have been told these might catch fire...
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    Hi and help!!

    Rgb led light are 3 channel rgb, santas reindeers etc are rope lights but steady on, not mutil function, i have got a plug adptor i have used in place of the multi function adaptor that just turns the lights on, no functions will they work on my lor 16 channel controller