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    Sydney/NSW 2014 Sydney Mini/Vivid festival Time Again - 31st of May/1st June - Confirmed

    Count me in. No problems with accommodation for me. My daughter lives in Sydney :)
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    I'll have what he has!

    I like it.
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    Waterproofing LED Strings?

    Has anyone tried to waterproof their LED strings? If so, how did you do it and did it work? Cheers, Terry
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    china lights

    Yes, I think ordering them in 24Vac is the way to go for me. One more question. I have BigW Led's from 2009 and 2010. Am I right in assuming that I need Rectifier and resistors for 2009 lights and only rectifier for 2010 lights? Cheers, Terry
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    china lights

    Quick question. Can you run these 24v DC strings off a 24v AC transformer with rectifiers and resistors? Cheers, Terry
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    Sydney/NSW Australian Sydney Mini 2011

    Re: Sydney Mini Interest If the date is suitable, I would love to attend. Terry
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    Melbourne/Vic Australian Melbourne Mini 2011

    Go the Mighty Pies. If I can make it down, you will have to excuse me so I can attend the game.
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    LED Question

    Thanks guys. Very useful information. Goldie - Couple of questions. What size rectifier do you use? Does this go between the 24vAC power supply and the SSROZ? Do I need to build one for every channel? Lastly, could you post a picture-drawing of everything set up (Ren64, power supply...
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    LED Question

    Hi, I have always had incans in my display, running off Grinch, Ren-C and SSROZ's. Next year I would like to change over to LED's. I have approx 40 sets of BigW Led's and I would like to get a lot more (possibly from China) I also have a Ren64 that I have never used. I would like to get your...
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    Sinnamon Christmas Lights 2010 - Brisbane Australia

    Absolutely Sensational.
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    Happy Birthday to AussiePhil

    Many happy returns. Have a great day.
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    Yipee- I Won

    Very nice.