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    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2019 buy

    Mine was waiting for me when I got home from work. Thanks Daryl for your work.
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    Chromatrim pixel mounting

    OK no worries. Endless possibilities I guess.
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    Chromatrim pixel mounting

    would you use the conduit clips from bunnings to hold onto the pvc? i was thinking about using this method to hold my pixels in chorotrim on my colourbond roof but thoight i would like to see how it looks and holds before going down this route .
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    eBay <$5 challenge: Use eBay phone app to get $3 off until 9 June 2019 (with coupon)

    I went onto ebay and had a voucher available until the 11th of June to the value of $10 off a purchase. I got a fm wireless transmitter and had a bit left over so I also bought the same heat shrink tubing as Jamesski. Out of pocket $2.30
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2019 buy

    Hi Daryl Can I order 1x F16v3 Differential expansion board with ribbon cable 4x F16V3 Falcon 4 string Differential smart receiver boards Shipping to Eaton WA 6232 Thanks Bryce
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    Reject Shop Solar Balls

    Thanks guys. Will keep an eye out.
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    Reject Shop Solar Balls

    Hi Daniel, I just looked up the reject shop website to see what the balls where but couldnt find any..... Could you please post a pic so I can see how you would use one in your show? Thanks
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    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2019 interest thread

    Interested in 1 F16v3 expansion board with a ribbon cable and 4 of the 4 string differential receiver boards please.
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    Roof lines - pixabulbs, bullets, strip?

    I was looking at using the 25mm x 25mm trunking on my gutters and possibly on my colourbond roof outline. But seeing as the trunking is plastic I was going to see if self adhesive magnetic strip would hold the trunking in place to the gutter...
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    Boscoyo Studios Continuous rolls ***NOT GOING AHEAD***

    Interested in a price for a 500 foot roll
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    CG-1500 Outdoor Enclosures

    Hi I'm interested in probably 2.
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini 2019 - Interest

    I'm keen to come up, any date that is chosen is good for me. I'll make it work as I have a lot of questions and need the help.
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    Hello from australind WA

    I could make it to Collie on a Friday after work, say 1pm or possibly a Sunday...lately the only time I have spare. If that sounds OK let me know and I'll give you a hand for sure.
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    Hello from australind WA

    Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to get a show up and running this year due to financial set backs but I would be keen as to come see your shows. I saw your saw last year Dan as I only live down the road basically.... I'm opposite the Eaton Recently Centre.... Looking forward to seeing this...
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2018 buy CLOSED

    Hi Darylc. Just wondering if you have anything left? Looking at getting a F16 v3 if you have any? If you don't, could I get one from Pixel Controller ? Or are you the rep for Australia? Thanks