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    What's next? And what is going to take more time than I expect?

    If you are looking to buy your FM transmitter now, I just picked up one of these - best price I've seen for a while. It's a CZE-05B...
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    Driveway Outline - what to use?

    Hey All I am looking at adding a driveway outline this year and wondering what is the best thing to use? My driveway is 10m long each side (curved and downhill) and at this stage I'm thinking of using some plastic garden edging...
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    What songs will make the cut in your 2021 light show?

    I'm running last years list plus a couple of extra's at this stage: Most Wonderful Time of The Year - Andy Williams Carol of the Bells - Salvation Army Instrumental Find Your Melody - Thomas James - Local up and coming artist and friend of ours Santa Drives a Hot Rod - The Brian Setzer...
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    Answered Erroneous data?

    This is what it ended up being - I have the receiver in dumb mode but had it mapped to Smart Receiver A in Xlights - moved a single dip switch and all good. Clearly a PEBKAC error. Note to self - don't do a full days work then extra hours on lights or you end up doing stupid things......
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    Answered Erroneous data?

    Can confirm the 5.3v on the smart receiver. Rest of the string and 2 other attached seem to work ok. Have tried another string with another pig tail and it does the same thing.
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    Answered Erroneous data?

    Put this in the "I'm sure it's been asked a thousand times" column but, anyone got any idea why I have 6 pixels lit yet nothing being sent from the controller? I think it has something to do with a channel issue but can't find anything on here (not using the correct search term). Running this...
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    Multiple LED screens with multiple colorlight cards

    Have managed to resolve this in a roundabout way thanks to a suggestion over on the falcon Christmas boards. It was all thanks to an idea to use sub models! In the end I gave up trying to run 2 colorlight cards and ended up running both lots of panels through 1 controller. I then added the...
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    Multiple LED screens with multiple colorlight cards

    Hey guys I have set up and configured in colorlight 2 separate LED screens (3 x 4 and 3 x 1). Just wondering how you go about setting that up with FPP? I started off with xlights scheduler and the colorlight plugin but having issues with it holding colour settings (keeps resetting the panel...
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    Help with setting up 64*32 1/8 scan P5 E-TOP panels in LEDVISION

    Hi All I am struggling to get my 64*32 outdoor P5 (1/8 scan) panels configured in LedVision - has anyone used these previously or have any suggestions? I have a Colorlight 5A-75B receiver card and have tried both V5 and V6.9 of the LEDVISION software with no joy. I've gone back to the...
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    Mounting Plates for E-Top P5 outdoor panels

    I hadn't had any luck - was going to rig something up with a bit of ply as a backing board and using the silicone seals as a template. Might have to have a look at these now - just need to find someone to print them for me :)
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    Mounting Plates for E-Top P5 outdoor panels

    The panels are 64 x 32 (320mm x 160mm) outdoor panels. See the attached image for measurements
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    Mounting Plates for E-Top P5 outdoor panels

    Hey all I recently purchased some of the above panels and I am now looking for mounting strips / panels for them. Does anyone have any recommended places to buy these from or let me know how much it might cost to get some 3D printed? I'm only looking at 2 matrixes - the 1st is 3 x 4 and the...
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    Pixel Strip

    For the money you are better off buying locally from Troy at Extreme Lighting Displays: Currently $120 for 100m (which is $12 cheaper than Ray's listed price). Postage is quite reasonable.