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    Who's still doing their display in COVID Victoria?

    My concerns are if Light displays are deemed Public gatherings and what consequence that would mean to enable to display to proceed, It could range from Taking contact details of any walkers, Not being allowed at all, being judged an illegal gathering, for as most would agree, its not really...
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    CG-1500 Outdoor Enclosures

    4 pls david
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 buy

    Hi Darylc, Can you put me down for another F16V3 with 1 expansions and 8 smart receivers pls
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2020 Interest thread

    Will be there too
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    How do you attach your Lights to a Colorbond Roof Line?

    This is wat we did, it allowed us to mount off the existing roofing screws and causing no damage to the roof, using pool noodles to create a stand off between the roof and the support structures, seemed to work well, when we removed the models at the end of the season, there was no visible...
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    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 interest thread

    One more F16V3 with 4 Expansion boards, and 8 Remotes, thx Darylc
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    Local/AU Show your display - Zoom, Friday 13th Dec

    we,ll give it a go, if l can work out the phone stuff lol
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    Matt from Albury

    Do you have a controller as yet
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    Melbourne/Vic Melb 22 June dinner

    China bar for me
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    Sydney/NSW 2019 Sydney Mini- June 1-2

    Great event and fantastic venue, great accommodation just down the road, it was a great mini
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Mini 2019 Saturday night dinner interest thread

    I agree, the misses likes to stagger home, opps my bad
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Mini 2019 Saturday night dinner interest thread

    if theres a good Chinese close, it would be our 1st choice, but to b honest, anything works for us
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    CG-1500 Outdoor Enclosures

    l,ll take 4 pls dav
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    Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini 2019 - Interest (tentatively in May, need venue)

    Q, pls, Are we looking for venues with accommodation, attached, possible, and l no its early days, but would there be a suggested number of rooms expected for the interstaters and country travellers as well. l no a lot of these sorts of places will offer free usage of there conference centres...
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    Boscoyo Studios Continuous rolls ***NOT GOING AHEAD***

    (1), 500ft roll for me troy, 1 inch spacings pls