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    Alvin and the Chipmunks - new free xlights sequence

    Here's a free xlights sequence, new for 2018. Alvin and the Chipmunks singing The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late). A video of this sequence can be seen here: The sequence is posted to the upload directory of the xlights google share drive here...
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    Peanuts Sequence

    Thanks! The megatree is 32 strands of 50 lights long.
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    Peanuts Sequence

    [Problem in the XML File fixed 10/2/17] I have an early Christmas Present for the group. This is a Peanuts themed sequence, built on the song Linus And Lucy. I benefited greatly from the awesome Star Wars and Trolls sequences that Logan gave us in previous years and wanted to share with the...
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    Shared Sequences?

    Here's a video of the process. Xlights is awesome with this remapping feature.
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    I'm in for 5 if you are willing to ship to the US. Thanks, Rob
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    Beat tracks in HLS?

    Looking to add a song or two to my show. Lots of classics on the list. Anyone have a beat track for any of these songs they would be willing to share? I'd be most appreciative. Thanks! Rob Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Brenda Lee Holly Jolly Christmas, Burl Ives Rudolph the Red...
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    Anyone use the INK1003 Pixels this year? How did it go? VS WS2812B?

    Was interested in whether anyone use the INK1003 Pixels this year? How did it go? Looking at WS2112B or INK1003 for next year. Any thoughts? rob
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    Power Supply Ventilation

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    More effects, same unfinished star

    That is an awesome star! Nice sequencing too.
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    You gotta see this >>>>> awesome .

    Re: You gotta see this >>>>> awesome . Animated but very cool.
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    How to demonstrate RGB=White to kids

    Outstanding ideas guys. Thanks! Rob
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    How to demonstrate RGB=White to kids

    Anyone have a good way to demonstrate the additive property of combining Red, Green and Blue result in white light? I want to show a group of kids but can't find a good demo project. Tried flashlights with home made filters but can't get the mix to work. Ideas welcome!
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    Help me plan this out right - new display element

    Ps. Colors in person are much better than my crummy video!
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    Help me plan this out right - new display element

    Thanks! Appreciate all your personal help with this!
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    Nutcracker: What new effects would you like to see?

    How about a new model? I was able to make a radial star with spokes very easily. Video here: 8 spoke x 30 pixel star I did some sequencing under nutcracker pretending it was a pixel plane, but would be nice to have a radial star model so that you could do the realistic simulation on the...