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    xLights app for iOS

    Sorry left the dark side years ago. I will download the Android version when it comes out.
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    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome What part of Adelaide are you from.
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    Adelaide mini

    I'll come for a chat.
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    FM Transmitter's

    I have used the CZE-05B for the last two year and it has worked well.
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    P5 Panels - Octoscroller or ColorLight card (or something else entirely) and why?
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    Hi to everyone

    Welcome your best bet is to read the 101 manual this is the best place to start.
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    Hey all

    I'm at Netley about 10 minutes from the city
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    Hey all

    Welcome to another South Aussie where about in Adelaide are you.
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    Yes I got it from bxsl he sent me his OneDrive link.
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    Hello All

    Hi Frankg where about's in Adelaide are you.
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    Coro Arches Mounting Option

    Looks good I hope it doesn't bend on a hot 40 degree day.
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    Hi from Fulham, South Australia

    Welcome from another South Aussie.
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    Morning do you have the link for the drive that you uploaded it too.
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    Multiple Colorlight Cards with FPP for P5 Panels (Guide)

    Hi Jack I have got the same P5 panels as you what size fuses have you used and are you still using the supplied power cable from Lyson. Have you got any photos of the back of your P5 panel. Thanks Steven