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    Pi audio quality

    heads up for those considering usb audio devices. If you play any mp4's (for video projection) the audio will not play via the USB device. If you just play mp3's it is however a great improvement. I also tried playing with HDMI audio splitters. This works great for mp4's but doesn't work for...
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    File comes in mp4 format but the image is interlaced so you get lines across the screen where there is motion. Is there a de-interlaced version or an avi version where I can remove it myself?
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    clear out chat

    can't increase the number of people allowed in the chat channel?
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    Mega Tree and Tie Down Wire/Rope or Anchor Wire/Rope Size/Strength?

    5.5m PVC Megatree made with nodes 2 sets of guy wires 3 from top and 2 half way down. I would never use PVC pipe for one this size again, but having plenty of guy wires now has her rock solid.
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    First years display now up and ready for Dec.

    I've finally got all the key bits I planned for this year up. There are 8 candy canes that are hidden behind the bush in the front you can't see very well, I will move those out the front soon as well as adding the Santa stops here sign out the front. Feeling pretty pleased with the results...
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    Weekly open session

    hmmm Alec building a cellar... what was that saying? it puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again..
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    My first live show

    just the reflection from the pixicles
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    My first live show

    Time to move from computer simulation to live show. My daughter was having a sleep over with her friends for her birthday so that was all the excuse I needed. Half the display is up and the rest I'll leave til closer to Xmas. Quick light sequence for my daughters Birthday party - YouTube
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    Powering Pi Directly from PSU

    or buy a UBEC from any RC hobby store e.g. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__4319__TURNIGY_3A_UBEC_w_Noise_Reduction.html
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    Halloween 2016 Aussie Shops

    cool stuff, shame they don't ship to NZ
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    Custom UI to check Status of FPP

    UI to FPP on HS3 - YouTube
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    Tune-to controller for P10 panel

    If any left, can you put me down for one + cable? postage to NZ? Updated: payment made ...thanks
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    3.x Vixen builds and new location based effects.

    Awesome news Geoff. Watching and waiting with baited breath. Sing out if/when it's ready for testing.
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    Have made a further addition, so as well as vol/current draw I can now see the temp of the power supply case. Link to thermometer: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-Green-Portable-Thermometer-DC12V-Digital-Thermometer-Temp-2m-meter-Probe-50-110C-Detector-Infrared-Thermometer/32584432793.html