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    Mega tree advice

    Just an update after a lot of thought based on the advice above and more research. I have changed to 1" spacing which reduces height, loads etc. so will make everything less risky but also improve the visual appearance with audience being 4m-10m away. Thank you for your input.
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    Mega tree advice

    Hey gurus, I've bitten the bullet and started work on a mega tree to replace the poor effort I made in the past. The plan is 180 degrees, 32 strands, 100 pixels/strand, 2" spacing. I have the logic sorted and the hardware side is where I need advice/help. It will be 5m high. I have the top...
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    List of Proposed Topics for Minis

    The how and why of moving from 2D to 3D layouts First year in DIY sequenced lights. Lessons learnt from an ex-LOR user perspective (probably only interesting for 2 people? lol?) Supporting your neigbour's interest into setting up their first sequenced lights display without getting them divorced
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    Power consideration for Advatek PixLite 4 Mk2 in expanded mode

    Hello Advatek gurus, Currently I only have 16 ports used with one Meanwell RSP320 12v per controller. Strings are 200 pixels or less (except for 2 which have power injection). I want to use expanded mode because I'd like to keep strings to 200 or less pixels and need to expand capacity for new...
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Mini 2022 - June 4th - 5th

    Keith you can put me down to help.
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    Conversion from LOR

    Wasn't sure where to post this but here seems the best so feel free to move this mods. At the Sydney EXPO I made the decision to convert to xlights from LOR. This is a brief update and a huge 'thanks' to the group and to the folks that support the xlights zoom room for the last 6 months of help...
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    Pixels lighting up when they shouldn't

    Are you usign the test mode on the Advatek app or Xlights? Isolate if the controller config / lights are the issue by using the testing tab on the controller. I found I have had to manually configure all my Advatek ports in Xlights which has removed a lot of issues but created a more complicated...
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    Few question from the start

    I moved over to using PixLite 16MkII (standard ones) this year from LOR so have been on a large but sucessful learning curve. I'm not an expert but... Using Advatek Assistant, I set the IP address, Pixel IC type, starting universe, and the DXC settings (I use one port for some floods) I have...
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    Xlights Output Error

    I have the same problem but worked around it by using the "Bulk Controller Upload" item in the Tools menu. Works perfectly for the 2 Pixlite Mk2s I have just bought.
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    Falcons are now for sell at

    I couldn't wait and based on the issues with supply of semis, I went the Advatek route and couldn't be happer (I was on LOR so yes I know it's a low bar!)
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    Migrating off LOR hardware - insights

    I am keen to move to xLights from LOR. I have two plug and play LOR Pixie16D enclosures (enclosure, controller, PSU etc) and I wanted to see if I could easily just transplant the controller out. So I was waiting for more stock of the Falcons and decided to give the local Aussie supplier...
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    Falcons are now for sell at

    Adding myself to this thread as I'm after a F16v3 too
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    Window frame help

    Hello, I'm trying to create a windows frame motion effect to apply to a window frame prop. The only way I can seem to do this is via the 'Use Preview' arrangement. I am sure I somehow managed to create a 'clean' and symetrical motion effect that was a mirror of what my window frame prop...
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    Converting from LOR

    Hi gurus, I've spent the past few years building up LOR assets like controllers, S5 software and pixels because I wanted a simple and easy show (yes I know, too late). I'm now starting to look at xLights because I am hitting some limitations in what I can do with the LOR software. It's also...
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