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    Hi from SA

    Welcome to ACL James..
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    xLights sharing: sequences

    Thanks Cranzy with the hint saying you used 'GIMP', I was able to learn an removed the background on the 'subs' image in lil john-all i want for christmas song.
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    Best phone camera for filming display.

    what sort or DSL model an what prices ?
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    Local/AU Show your display - Zoom, Friday 13th Dec

    Yer i remember how much fun it was last year, count me in.
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    Tones and I Dance Monkey - Combined video of members displays

    here's my badly filmed version View:
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    I have an issue with LED panels in a Christmas light show

    I love my panels, and the crowd loves to see what graphic i might display on them next.. But while i love the moden age with panels and pixels. I still love the glow of a incan light, and displays with moving animations (traditional displays)
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    Tingira Lights Haunted House Ride 2019

    that looks cool.. opps i mean scary
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    2019 is my year

    very late in the game if you want a pixel display
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    ACL Members personal websites

    wow talk about a old post, im still listed for Peterborough (that was over 6yrs ago) Im now in Murray Bridge
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    Snow Machine Oil Pumps

    so basicly your making the pump work harder by pushing fluid further? I would suggest 1 pump in the snow machine for its internal tank, an use mark's idea with the float switch to fill it from the big tub.
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    Snow Machine Oil Pumps

    there just a basic pump, i have fixed mine 3 times now, (lights sand the grime off the inside parts) but it hates being dry with no fluid, (thats what kills them) I have replaced other peoples machines with different replacement pumps.. main thing to remember is prime the line or it wont pump..
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    Trying to find the animation for the Lights of Christmas by Owl City.

    there is this one featuring the veggie tales View: or there is my version of it with the singing face animations
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    Adelaide/SA Adelaide Mini 2019 - interest

    I can no longer make it, due to other engagements now
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    Boscoyo Studios Continuous rolls ***NOT GOING AHEAD***

    Maybe interested in a 500ft roll depending on price