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    Adelaide Christmas Pageant (will be at night)

    OK. so i just herd this years South Australia, Adelaide Christmas Padgent will be held at the Adelaide Oval on Nov14 at Night Now Since ALC is a place that brings everyone together, to learn this great hobby. How about a ALC Float to show off what we can do as a group for the greater...
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    SA Auctions - Christmas Goodies

    As everyone knows.. I love going through the auctions, an sometimes things get out of my price range. I found a couple of tall fibreglass Nutcrackers, and i whole bunch of other stuff.. Sadly its for South Australia people 1.85m Nutcracker...
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    Absolute noob from Geelong with a unique project. HELP!

    looking at your design an seeing your ability, personaly i would go for outdoor rated p10 panels, or even p5 or p1.2 (if you want to watch sports on a large screen)
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    How do you power down your controller box?

    I run my show the same as "Sector30", with the fpp to remotely power them all down, while the main controller stays up streaming xmas music, then 240v digital timers are set to turn off 5 minutes after fpp does it job. Every couple of years a 240v timer might die, (probly the switching load...
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    i found from 4yrs ago [MEDIA] View...

    i found from 4yrs ago View:
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    Multiple Colorlight Cards with FPP for P5 Panels (Guide)

    Great Writeup, Its amazing how many of us has made a matrix, but then forgotten the steps we did, down the track At least you finely done the writeup, not only to help newbi's but us oldie's that forgotten bits.. :thumbsup:
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    240v power sockets for inside enclosure.

    if your wanting waterproof, interlocking, 240v mains plugs/connectors.. you cant beat the Neutrik Power Connectors range
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    Online Expo - Easter 2020 - self isolation style

    now how silly is that to cover it up, i thought it would of been on the xlights page atleast..
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    Online Expo - Easter 2020 - self isolation style

    zoom room says it needs a password now.. care to say?
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    Online Expo - Easter 2020 - self isolation style

    Sounds like a Great day to sit back drink an learn knowledge, im in
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    Adelaide/SA Adelaide Mad March Christmas Lights Barbeque

    Thanks for Hosting this Ralph, I had a great day out Sorry i had to leave but the miss's had a appointment.
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    3D printers, March 2020

    i have a cr10, but the ender3 is easyer/cheaper
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    Beaglebone black and wifi

    I have some new wifi access points for sale cheap if your interested in going that way, instead of USB wifi
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    Adelaide/SA Adelaide Mad March Christmas Lights Barbeque

    Miss's said since its a weekend (she's not using the car) and im only an hour away now.. so i'll pop down if i can