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    "Lights on Sullivan" Light Show VIP early viewing opportunity (@Strathalbyn)

    We wont be able to make it either sadly, Ive got a ladder and a 3.3m candycane to battle with tomorrow. I guess there is a reason for Pre-Testing after all.
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    Where's the Lights - A Android app i designed

    All fixed an the update finely approved by google.
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    Where's the Lights - A Android app i designed

    If you have allready signed up an Activated Grinch mode, it doesnt matter who takes a photo, it wont show on the map. (Daryl suggested that mode) One word, Crap.. Will work on a fix, an update ASAP Thanks for that
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    Where's the Lights - A Android app i designed

    I have a facebook page for the app as well, i just have to finish it off.. then i will post that link When you sign up it will put your location on the map. (unless you hide it.) The taking photo's is for adding other house's or photos of your display, So photo's anyone has taken, including...
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    Where's the Lights - A Android app i designed

    We all know there is basicly a map of every town with christmas light locations on it. (Somewhere) Well this is a App i designed, So you can take photo's of your display or of everyone else's display, Taking photo's of people's house's will automaticly add them to the map. It use's location...
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    Release 2022.21 Released

    Using Linux here, Will Not render at all.. Trys to start, then locks itself up (till terminated 12hrs later)
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    Release 2022.19 Released

    Ive made some props, and i use 3D now some of the props i have rotated 180deg (to face the opposite way) is there anyway to tell xlights that the frount is the back an vice versa? one main area i notice this is when looking at the wiring view. (as it display the prop wiring, not its new facing...
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    Release 2022.19 Released

    i just downloaded 2022.19 an the globe poped back.. but in that new location.
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    Release 2022.19 Released

    Im on version 22.07 Linux version. I can confirm there is no light globe at all.
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    Release 2022.19 Released

    Hi Keith, What version did you remove the 'light globe' direct output?
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    Painting Coro props.

    This was using the plastic primer first, Then the Squirts paint brand. Im realy happy with the way it went down. Just have to do a clear coat now
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    I got a New Job

    Hi All, Unfortunately, The current economical situation has finally affected me financially. In order to offset the extra cost for food, electricity, blinky, etc. I have a need to make some extra money on the is what it is. So... I am now proud to announce that I am selling ADULT...
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    Pnuematic Slides

    With halloween comming up, I see the Auction place has some 'Pnuematic Slides' with 11days on the listing There over my head, but i know others here know how to use them. Pnuematic Slides -Quantity.of 2 - 1700 130 x130 mm Pnuematic Slides -Quantity.of 3- 800 , 700 & 2000 mm Stainless Steel...
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    Adelaide/SA "Adelaide" (Strathalbyn) "Last Minute" Mini Mini Mini 11th September (or 10th)

    Big Thanks goes to Peter an Kym today, where they showed us how to over engineer a show to perfection loved it