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    LED "Bad module" help

    Yes I put some pressure on a couple of them and it comes back the others may have been burned out. Is it an easy fix?
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    LED "Bad module" help

    Hello all, As i am putting up my "Dumb" LED strips I notice that I have some modules that are missing one color. And tips? I was looking for the easiest way to do it. Or do I just say screw it and leave it with the bad modules? Thanks! Scott
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    LOR running on a MAC parallel help

    Hello all! Im thinking about putting LOR on my mac. I am running VMware Fusion. Anyone have any experience with this? Is it difficult to do? How well does it work? Thanks! Scott
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    This year I'm still hoping to do a show for Halloween

    Hello all, This year money is a little tight. I hate going to people for donations because I want to show and prove that I can do it on my own. But unfortunately, this year I will not be able to do it without a little help. So I have turned to my friends and family for help. So I am going to...
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    Where is the best place to buy CCR's? And is there usually a price difference depending on where you buy them?
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    My Halloween Display for 2012!

    Thanks so much!! ;D
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    My Halloween Display for 2012!

    Halloween Light Show 2012: Preview Hello all! Enjoy! Thanks! Scott
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    My Christmas Display!

    Hello All! Here is the video for my display! Christmas Light Show 2011: Preview Check it out! Thanks! Scott
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    Halloween Light Show Preview!!

    I will when I get a chance! Thanks!
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    Halloween Light Show Preview!!

    Sprinkler valves hooked up to a air compressor. The ghost are foam balls with white fabric. :)
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    Halloween Light Show Preview!!

    A lot of time. And sounding the words out with my mouth. It actually might have looked pretty funny. :)
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    Halloween Light Show Preview!!

    Here is my Halloween light show preview. 4 stellascape green strings. 1 stellascapes e16. 2 LOR controllers. 1,052 Channels. Halloween Light Show 2011: Preview Enjoy! Scott
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    LSP Scheduler HELP!

    Hello, So I have 2 LOR 16 channel boxes, and 1 Stellascapes e16 with 4 85 pixel strings attached to it. In the sequencer all the lights come on and work. But when I play the show from the scheduler the RGB pixels from the e16 wont work. Anyone know why? Or knows how to fix it? Thanks in...
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    RGB Digital 6803 Strip

    Are there any controllers that you can recommend that are available?