LOR running on a MAC parallel help

Discussion in 'LOR General Discussion' started by stjohnson90, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Hello all!

    Im thinking about putting LOR on my mac. I am running VMware Fusion. Anyone have any experience with this?

    Is it difficult to do? How well does it work?

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    In my attempt, I didn't find it satisfactory. I found dual booting to windows to be the better option.

    THe following is very biased, for it points to software I wrote.

    Although I found sequencing with LOR to be quite fine, I did not like having to have my mac in windows to actually play the show. I enjoyed the ability to use the Calendar app that came with my mac for scheduling. I also found the performance with LOR S3 playing HD video's and keeping up with the lights to be poor. I only have 4K channels or so.

    So I did some native Mac software that takes LOR S3 lms files and lets you play them, visualize them, and create shows for scheduling all using native Mac software. Something that one may want to consider: [SIZE=78%]http://www.diybllc.com[/SIZE]

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