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    More power injection clarification

    Can I chime in on this conversation if the + is only connected at the beginning of the string does that mean a single + wire needs to be run from the PSU to the injection spot providing th enegative is connected at the beginning of the strings or does each injection spot require a positive and a...
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    Power supplies meanwell/ raywu

    HI has anyone had experinence with the 5v and 12v power supplies from ray wu I have bought through meanwell in the past but having to build a larger tree it requires something like 6 PSU im just looking at the economics of it. Thanks
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    New Mega Tree

    HI Everyone, I plan to build two new mega trees one for our shop and one for our display, im plan to build it using the megatree calculator from lightshowhub. It will be 8 metres tall and 3 metres wide at the bottom with a 200 mm gap from the ground to the first pixel the top ring 500 mm it...
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 E1.31 pixel controller 2017 buy CLOSED

    HI Can I order 1 F16V3 and 1 expansion board Also one ribbon cable plus shipping thanks 250 plus shipping thanks
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    incorrect addresses

    hi everyone, I need another brain on something my arches in models show the starting address as 27071 to 27970 but when i run the test in tools it wont turn on i have to go down to another area further down address around 29645 to 30154 the arch crosses 2 universes i cant work it out what am i...
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    Motorised spotlight

    i have advatek controllers would the dmx be able to control those
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    Looking for Something similar to My T Brite Light

    I have a huge amount of my t brite lights left over that were never used which ones are you after
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    Motorised spotlight

    I have seen the display what a show thast where the dea came from i dont know how theyll go in the heat that we have here but it would give a great effect
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    Motorised spotlight

    has anyone incorporated motorised spotlights into their display if so what type brand did you use and how are they controlled i imagine they are dmx controlled also what is a good not to break the bank device.
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    Announcing the PixLite 16 MKII Controller!

    Hi has the presale finished on these
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    Pixlite 16 on logic mode only bankone data is not working

    I spoke with Luke the banks need to be powered for logic only also
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    Pixlite 16 on logic mode only bankone data is not working

    HI I have a pixlite 16 that i have setup for logic only when plugging the data in only the 9-16 outputs seem to work all of the first bank 1-8 donot broadcast any data on it if it does it flickers randomly. Does anyone have any ideas to try.
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    LSP to xlights

    hi im having trouble drawing the models in xlights i have named it, it has one colour but i dont know how to complete it, help pls
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    LSP to xlights

    thanks yep only have a couple of weeks to get it sorted and sequence, doing it for the kids!!!