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    Melbourne/Vic 2019 Melbourne Mini Registration - June 22-23

    happy to help with setup, can bring a few example elements in, maybe talk to some of the basics.
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    Pixel tree around a real tree trunk?

    I have a pixel trees (of sorts). Not megatree format with strands but I simply wrap the trunks. It may be another option for you. The trees are wrapped in strings of 1000 pixels (power injection every 2 strings). Consumes a lot of power but always a talking point. Good luck. Video: View...
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    Pixlite 16 struggling to control pixels

    Can you hold the factory IP button for 3-4 seconds to initiate the test sequence. Do all the pixels work fine when you do this ?
  4. Silent Animation (no music)

    Silent Animation (no music) (2018)

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    Cheap Projectors

    Just have a look on Ebay for them. I bought an NEC short throw Can't find much on Ebay tonight, this might be similar
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    Cheap Projectors

    I've tried and failed with those cheap projectors off Ebay. Recently purchased a 2nd hand NEC short throw projector which had been installed at a Uni. Cost $100 and has 1500 hours left on the lamp which is tons. Brightness and image quality is far better than the cheap LED ones I'd say...
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    Attaching led string to roof tiles and roof caps

    Two things I've tried with success 1. Silicon some cable tie clips (make sure you remove the backing paper / double sided tape first) to the tiles. Then cable tie lights down. They need replacing every 2-3 years in my experience. 2. Use fine tile wire hooked in under the tiles (twist around...
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    Show us your control boxes & Control centers

    Narva 54450
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    Show us your control boxes & Control centers

    Another day another control box .... this time for new pixel-net hedge (3200 pixels) and council tree x 3 (2800) pixels each). 2 x Pixlite long range boards, ethernet switch and 200A 12V PSU
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    Show us your control boxes & Control centers

    Here is a few from my show.. I have a number of power outlets around the exterior of the house switched together so the controllers come on around 8.15Pm and switch off at 12.00AM. All run back to a main switchboard (used for everything not just Christmas) 2016 Megatree controllers (x2)...
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    See you all tomorrow. I'll bring a few large DMX lamps (free to good home) and some Long Range controllers which a few people might find useful as a way to get around pixel signal issues.
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    Melbourne/Vic 2016 Melbourne Mini: PlugFest 14th-15th May

    Folks I will be there. Look forward to it. Let me know if you need any help.
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    Thermostat control for fans

    digital one
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    Thermostat control for fans

    Boondogs - are you looking for something you can set the temperature threshold? If so have a look at something like this: You can...
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    defuse lights on mini?

    The c9 covers definitely fit. Here is a picture of them. You will need to hot-glue each one onto the LED, as they will fall off without it. (Alternatively, Ray glues them for free if you are prepared to buy new strings).