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    Running power across public sidewalk

    I had an AUSGRID inspector come to my property due to some **!!?? person calling anonymously suggesting there was a problem. (There wasn't.) I had a 240v cable laid in the footpath expansion joint and covered with bathroom silicone that led to my tune to sign in the verge. This was fine (and...
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    Using mix of static displays with controllable displays

    Keep up the good work and go for developing onto the next stage with controllers. I started with a lot of fixed lights and then wanted to control them I used a Light o Rama box and split the lights into 16 zones. Start putting music to it and the world is your oyster. I never forget what someone...
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    Projector Suggestions

    I have used a Benq projector for the last 4 years to display santa in my window. It cost around $500. The most important factor is the lumens. You need at least 2,200, preferably better. I have pixels around the outside of the window and the projector is bright enough to overcome them, to the...
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo 2020 (aka Sydney Mini) interest

    Having had a number of discussions with Ausgrid and still in conversations with Bunnings and LoR about safety issues, I could do a discussion on safety. I did a presentation on using a projector at the Newcastle mini a few years ago, so happy to do again. I also have a big mix of Pixels and AC...
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    Sydney/NSW Road Trip - NSW Central Coast

    Is this trip still on? If it is, unfortunately I can't follow on behind with OZAZ as my family have deserted me and I am left to keep little brats off the display. However, If you are coming this way, I am happy to see what beers are in the fridge and even get some sausages on the Barbie.
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    Sydney/NSW Road Trip - NSW Central Coast

    My show should be up and running by then. It is always a conundrum when to switch on. I tend to do the second week in December. When do others start?
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    Sydney/NSW Road Trip - NSW Central Coast

    I'm the same as OzAz. Based in Newcastle but interested in coming down and following the bus. When will the trip take place?
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    Can't get LOR box working with the Falcon controller

    Hi, not sure whether this is a LOR, Falcon or xlights question but can anyone help? I have a recent F16V3 and am trying to output to my three CTB16PC LOR boxes. I am using xlights and have output the 48 LOR channels to the Falcon on universe 1. The controller is receiving packets on that...
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    Can't connect F16v3 to laptop

    Just got it. I had the same last three numerals. Changed them and got there. Thanks Daryl and Martin
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    Can't connect F16v3 to laptop

    I checked the IP address of my laptop ethernet adapter and plugged that into the Falcon. No joy.
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    Can't connect F16v3 to laptop

    Help. I'm trying to set up my new Falcon controller and can't connect to the web interface page. I have tried changing the type of network connection and the IP address. I have changed all the cables and have even succesfully daisy changed my old, Sandevices, controller through the falcon. But...
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    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2018 buy CLOSED

    Hi Daryl, What have you got left and will you be doing any more orders before Christmas? My Sandevices controller is playing up and I need to replace it. Thanks.
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    Mirror Tricks

    Doesn't Pepper's Ghost use glass as the reflective layer not a mirror?
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    Mirror Tricks

    Thanks, good idea. I googled how to build and came up with some relatively easy ways to construct. Even some ideas for puting pixels in other positions to enhance the effect. Definitely a way forward.
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    Mirror Tricks

    I have two big mirrors that have come from bathroom renovations. I feel sure that I can use them in my display, perhaps something along the lines of a kaleiderscope. Has anyone any ideas of what I could do, or has anyone done something with mirrors like this before?