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    Pixel mounting strips, fuses and distro/fuse boards on sale until end of June 2020

    Hi Alan, is your pixel mounting strip similar to what Boscoyo originally came out with? I'm looking to add more strings to my mega-tree but need the same size spacing as what I've already got
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    How do you power down your controller box?

    I don't have a real time clock or battery on my PI to keep the time, I found it was only 1-2 minutes for NTP to update the time on the PI and the show would start if I turned the power back on late
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    How do you power down your controller box?

    I use the cheap Arlec wifi power controllers found at Bunnings on all AC power points used to power up the show, one year I did have an issue with the PI getting corrupted but I believe that was fixed in a later version of FPP, one year I didn't have any digital timers and was staggering out...
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    Ray-Wu waterproof power supplies

    I received another 4 of these today from Ray, to compliment the 6 I'm using already, This will be my 3rd year using them, I haven't had any problems with them so far, I even ran 2 on my iron roof last year which for where I live was a good test...
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    Pixlite config in xLights "— bug (keith) Fix Advatek controller config did not allow for expanded mode"
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    Pixlite config in xLights

    I haven't used my old pixlite for 4-5 years, so I'm not that sure, but with falcons and xlights we just let xlights configure the controller to suit the layout now, I'm guessing this is supported with the pixlites also
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    Pixlite config in xLights

    I would probably try to simplify, start with 50 pixels on port 1 on the pixlite, configure xlights to do the same, make sure that basic piece of config works. Do you mean to have 510 pixels per port on the pixlites? .. you should really specify exactly how many pixels you will really use, you...
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    Steel Toppers

    Thanks Julian, I thought I had checked there, I some how completely missed it
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    Steel Toppers

    Hi, Is anyone manufacturing and selling steel toppers in Australia? Just went on a window shopping expedition online, the cost of freight and the Australian 50 cent for the USD is severely going to impact my show this year! I was looking for something similar to Boscoyo or Mattos Designs, but...
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    Quick question re Candy Cane wiring

    I had 12 99 pix candy canes in the show last year, they were about 1.5 metre's apart, I more or less just daisy chained them all together with power injection every 2 or 3 canes, I used 3 pin 3 metre extension leads between each cane and hid them at the back of the prop so they couldn't be seen...
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    Laptop upgrade advice

    SSD all the way. I would start with 32gb of DRAM, 16 at the bare minimum, I'm just sitting here at the moment, not doing anything too heavy on the home PC and it's swallowed up 14gb of dram just with web browsing, email, logging into work and a few other random apps open. Also maybe try and find...
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    Laptop upgrade advice

    I've purchased some fairly low end tier-1 vendor devices in the past, and unfortunately you get what you pay for. Toshiba use to be a great brand, you just don't see them a lot anymore, not to say they are not any good, just not as popular as they once were.
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    Boscoyo Hi-res train set

    Hi, Has anybody been able to find a xlights model for this - I was thinking about getting one but wanted to have a look at the model in xlights before doing so. I've had a look through the xlights google drive, also a quick...
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    Laptop upgrade advice

    I'd stick to Dell / Lenovo / HP .. easy to get parts for later on, drivers and firmware maintained for a couple of years, I've found the Asus / Acer / Random cheaper brands once they go out of fashion are rarely updated for drivers and firmware and people just bin them because it's cheaper to...
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    multimeter suggestions

    I'm impressed with this - I've had mine for about 2 years now, maybe longer .. hasn't missed a beat. I'm sure someone could hack something up to use the Bluetooth radio to output to a phone so you can jack the volume right up.