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    2015 Traffic Video

    1st Video is at 40 feet high and 200 feet away. 2nd Video around 200 high and 250 feet away. Thanks to Randall Roberts for coming over from Texas to record it for me.
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    2nd video

    Nice Show as always Buddy. Mine done the same thing this year and I even turned many down to -40 on the models. I put the video on the roof and across the street look good enough to know who and what it was. Chat soon.
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    2014 Videos from a Rookie

    Thanks all. When I look at display on here I feel like a Rookie again. Next year brings a new idea into the show so we will see if LOR can handle it. LOL
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    2014 Videos from a Rookie

    Well I have a few years under my belt but a rookie at the camera and editing the video. LOL.. Caught my hand in the cookie jar... Jeff
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    2014 Videos from a Rookie

    Thanks all for the kind comments. The pixel tree were bought sequences that I converted to fit the taller tree. Most sequences are 16x50 and I convert them to fit the 16x84. Oooo The pain in doing it but well worth it on the bigger tree. Sure would be nice to have a converter tool that does this...
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    2014 Videos from a Rookie

    Go easy on the comments but here is what I used for this show. I like ease of installing and don't mind wasting channels for it. I ran 84 uni's and many wasted channels. LOL, The pixel tree is 16x84 and 20 feet tall with Seizure star on the top in the last video. The mega tree is 35 feet tall...
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    New 2014 video w/drone of God Bless the USA tribute

    WOW Randall. I watched the show and knew you ran out of time to get everything installed. Hope you wife is feeling better now. Guess I need to make a trip out to see your show. Thanks again for getting me started in this hobby. ;D
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    ShellNZ's 2014 display

    Great Job Shell... 8)
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    2014 Videos from a Rookie

    2014 Light of Christmas on Vimeo 2014 Rock Ye Merry Gentlemen on Vimeo 2014 Come All Ye Faithful-O Holy Night on Vimeo Good One on Vimeo unedited full yard view
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    Distance between Controller and 2811 strip

    2811 using 18/4 stranded and 18 feet was the most I could go without a null being added. This was a j1sys p12s card brand new. Jeff
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    News Media Last Night

    Most the time on the ground here we get a little standing water but it soaks in fast. Wish the yard slanted the other way but I deal with what I have. Working on props for next year and ready to fire some up.. jeff
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    News Media Last Night

    LOL HD.. Brother in Law was the Star this time. Jeff
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    News Media Last Night

    Thanks for all the great comments. They had 15 minutes of recording to pick from. I am not the fastest sequencer and just edits eat me alive. LOL Jeff
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    Dead Pixel

    Agree.. I always change two of them out. If you notice in the picture its the + and - that has shorted and cause the fuse to blow on the j1sys card. Never seen this one before today. Jeff