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    2013 videos "Lights at the Ranch"

    I can't even download them. Hmm I must be missing something. ???
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    Pixel strip for matrix

    I am also interested in this too. That would be great if you can show us your matrix.
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    Early plans for 2014

    Scott thank you Is your tree a 360 tree or 1/2 a tree ?
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    Early plans for 2014

    Scott Can you give us more detail about your pixel tree ? Number of nodes pre strings, number of strings. etc.... ? Looks awesome
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    Where can I find a wire frame angel?

    Dan I have had this one for 4 years now. Love it, going to be buying more of them from Christmas Done Bright.
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    xlights/nutcracker 3.1.4 released. Custom Models

    Jon thank you, I got it figured out. Some how during the install of the latest release the setting got changed and I did not see it at first.
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    xlights/nutcracker 3.1.4 released. Custom Models

    Sean, xLights/Nutcracker is crashing on me with the new release. everything works but when I select my single strand vertical model and play an effect, the software crashes. I have attached a screen shot of my model the is making nutcracker crash on me.
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    Attention Sean Meighan !!! Please Help !!!!!

    Hi Sean, I have been beating my head trying to figure out how to create vertical and horizontal single strand lines and windows so I can place them in the preview in the visual fashion that they will be appear on my house outline, windows, etc.... Can you please give me some direction on how to...
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    Using youtube videos form Youtube ?

    Hi everybody, Can some one tell me how are people downloading or capturing videos on youtube to use in their displays ? Is there a certain software that people are using to get these videos off of Youtube ? Thank you Travis
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    WS2811 LED technicolor pixel

    Dave, I did a side by side comparison, half the strand with C9 cover lenses, and the other half without the lenses. I will admit that the C9 covers do dull the light just a little and looks more traditional, but without the covers on, the light was sharp and glaring almost blinding in my...
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    WS2811 LED technicolor pixel

    That is exactly what I am using the Technicolor pixels for. the test strand 85 count I am using on my gutter are so bright that at full power white it lights up my neighbors yards across the street 100 feet away, and that is with just one strand.
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    WS2811 LED technicolor pixel

    I actually got my Technicolor pixels from HolidayCoro, he is calling them FirePix on his site I ordered a string of these and currently have them on my front cutter. I have been running test patterns with...
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    Error Message when installing LSP

    To be more clear, I had the demo version, and the demo trial period ended, so I uninstalled it, and tried to re-install it when I got that error message. Is there a internal clock that needs to be reset ?
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    Error Message when installing LSP

    Hi every one. Can anybody help me with installing LSP ? I keep getting a error message that says the following:ERRORC:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\SETUP_17031\00119#DLightIOPlugin.dll File not found! Correct the problem and run Setup once again! Thank you Travis
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    Whats the difference between the WS2801 and WS2811 ?

    Can some one tell me what the difference is between the WS2801 and WS2811 ? I have been looking through Ray's site and noticed that the WS2801 lights are cheaper. This is my first year with RGB so I am looking for RGB lights to outline my house, windows, door etc..... What is every one using to...