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    2014 ACL Christmas Card Swap

    Count me in too - will send through details next week (once the new addition to our family has arrived)!
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    Who has a facebook page for there lights This is only my second year, but have found having a fb page as a great way to get the word out to the locals about my display. I haven't posted much this year because I haven't done much yet... Better get moving!
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    Hi From Townsville

    Welcome newbo - great to see another North Queenslander in here! I'm up near Innisfail, and this is only my second year doing the synchronised lighting thing too!
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    LightShowPro Online Webinar

    Thanks Matt! Will be sure to tune in again!
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    Ray Wu 10W floods

    Very useful information here! I'd bought some of these floods a couple of months ago and have been too chicken to cut them up because I couldn't quite get it figured out myself...
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    six white boomers

    Looks great! I'm still sequencing my 6WB mix - trying to get it finished this weekend. It's my first year animated and this song is one I've wanted to do ever since I discovered the hobby! I especially love how you've well you've got the roos hopping in your pixel screen!
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    A New Star

    Cool. Great amount of light from only 5 rgb's
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    A New Star

    Just wondering how big the star is? I'm looking to recycle a multicolour 100- light string to light a corflute star but not sure how many lights I'll need to light a 600mm star
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    Newbie from FNQ

    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! And yes, we get LOTS of rain in December some years (even got a cat1 cyclone chrissy day in 2010) - which is why I'm going animated AND going low-voltage this year! Not much of a display when you've gotta turn it off cos it's pouring rain and you've got 240V...
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    Newbie from FNQ

    Hi. Just thought I'd introduce myself - I've been hiding out in the dark corners of this forum for a few months now. I've read the 101 from cover to cover a few times and I'm planning to take the plunge and go animated for Xmas 2013... I'm more into building stuff than getting technical, and...