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  1. Mary Did You Know by Pentatonix

    Mary Did You Know by Pentatonix (2019)

  2. Light of Christmas by Owl City

    Light of Christmas by Owl City (2019)

  3. FIVE-O Home Alone

    FIVE-O Home Alone (2019)

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    Having issues !!

    Only do it in one! I prefer the controller
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    Having issues !!

    You can change the orientation in Xlights or on the controller. In Xlights on the layout tab select the problem model. Under string properties change from RGB nodes to RBG nodes. I prefer to do this on the port configuration on my controllers
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    Can you plug lights into a controller already powered on?

    Q1- I've hot swapped 12v node pixel strings 100's if not 1000's of times with no failures yet.
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    First Light! :)

    Congrats! I still remember when I finally got my first pixels working. I almost shed a tear, now I cry when they don't work
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    I have an issue with LED panels in a Christmas light show

    You come in throwing punches... you're going to get hit!
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    I have an issue with LED panels in a Christmas light show

    It would look much better on a P5 matrix. You could tell what it was at least.
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    Halloween 2020 prop ideas

    Get to work on Christmas! Its the middle of November and you have work to do Graham
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    2019 is my year

    I think one is the lucky number as far as posts to be able to PM... You have plenty of time. December 2020 is a long ways away
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    Answered NO output to lights

    Glad you got it resolved! Not going to say what the problem was?! I'm curious...
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    Oh what have I done?

    It will spiral out of control... When I started with pixels in 2014 I started small with a 12x50 pixel tree. Seems like I've added 5-10k pixels every year since. I'm up to 815 universes for 2019... I have a bad case of C.L.A.P (Christmas Light Addiction Problem) Its a fun hobby/obsession...
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    Hello from Georgia/USA - feeling overwhelmed

    Welcome to ACL! I remember feeling overwhelmed when I started with pixels. You still have plenty of time. Any specific questions you have? Lots of helpful people in the chat room.
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    Powering pixels both directions

    No harm in a cascading fuse feature thought right? They still do the job. Just out a few fuses if you have an issue?