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    The voltage of the pixels has no impact if the display is amazing or not. More or less power injection, more or less power consumption is all the voltage of the pixels has to do with anything. Pros and cons are minimal for me. Some of my 12v nodes are 30ma white 100% intensity(No benefit using...
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    What's confusing about mo volts is mo betta? lol I prefer to stick with one voltage as much as possible(12v here) to simplify things. If you have a small yard 5v will suite you fine. 12v is a bit simpler if you are just starting out and concerned with power injection. There is no right or...
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    Hello from Texas!

    Welcome to ACL. Sure it looks great but link isn't working for me though
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    The good old 5v vs 12v... Me personally I find 12v so much easier to power its a no brainer to use 12v on the majority of my display. 5v is less expensive and more efficient so you need to weigh the pros and cons to both. For testing purposes only I ran a 696 pixel prop with 12v pixels...
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    Wiring questions.

    You would connect V- and Data from each output of the controller and power inject as needed with V+ and V-. I don't have a common V- between power supplies except through the connections on the pixels. Its recommended that every power injection line is fused. Fuses main purpose is to protect...
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    Connecting multiple power supplies together

    I have tons of psus wired this way. Is it the best probably not, does it work.. yes.
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    Hello for Berthoud, Colorado USA.

    Welcome to ACL! Like Terry said the ACL 101 is a great resource for people entering the hobby. Chat is also a great tool if you have a quick question or just want to waste some time. First year with pixels was a pain for me... Thankfully I had plenty of support from members here at ACL. Don't...
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    Hello from Jenison, Michigan!

    Welcome to ACL! Sounds like you're off to a great start. Its a great idea to start small and add on each year. I strongly suggest adding some mini trees. My favorite prop for sure! (I have 62) Tons of information and helpful people here at ACL. Good luck with the display in 2020.
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    Newish. Need help learning how to sequence.

    There are countless videos at I imagine I had watched 20+ hours of videos and 40+ hours of learning the software before it started to click. Its a steep learning curve especially if you're trying to unlearn LOR
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    Newish. Need help learning how to sequence.

    Newish? Member since 2015 lol.. You might want to let people know what software you're using so they can point you in the right direction. With Xlights and the QM Vamp plugins beats and bars timing tracks gets you off to a good start. You really need to learn the software.
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    Hello all

    Welcome to ACL. Starting with a 25ft Mega Tree is pretty big task for first year display. Pretty active chat room here at ACL if you have a quick question. Someone is usually lurking in there. Good luck with the display!
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    Meanwell models

    Good call on the RSP's. I've got 30+ of them and haven't had one fail yet. You can use all three outputs. I prefer to use 2-3 so I don't have all the current on one connection/output of the psu.
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    Hello from Italy

    Welcome Marco! I love beer and blinky too. I used to homebrew as well until I got into pixels. No time for it anymore. Tons of great members and resources here at ACL. Drop by chat if have any questions. Someone is usually lurking in there.
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    Best way to mount bulb style lights

    I have the same bulbs and use the Pixatrim from Boscoyo and ziptie it to PVC pipe. Not sure if that's something Troy offers or not. You can pop the cover/bulb off but takes some work FYI. What I use
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    Help on Breakdown of Christmas Lights

    The orientation of pixels varies. I would assume the one string is RBG and the rest are RGB or the string port on the controller is assigned the wrong orientation.