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    Melbourne/Vic 2019 Melbourne Mini Registration - June 22-23

    Does anyone know if the mini's were filmed as they've been in previous years?
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    Chromatrim pixel mounting

    Hey dj, You might remember me going through this same process. I ended up using some clips I got from bunnings, and used silicone to stick to the house. You can see images on the thread, near the end of page...
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    Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2019 interest thread

    Hi Daryl. I’m interested as well
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    Friday Zoom session topics

    What @Ellis said. Late Friday night, @lithgowlights went through a couple of things for someone in the room, and I learned more in those 5 minutes than I thought possible.
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    Help with a hard drive

    Awe man, that really sucks Brad. How important is the data? Plenty of data restoration places around, but it can get costly.
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    My 1st reply in this thread. My light are holding up really well. I’m surprised that I haven’t had any major issues cause if the rain. It’s still early tho, expecting a shower or two today.
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    Friday Dec 14, 2018 @ 9PM Eastern - Showoff Friday

    I keep getting an error trying to up load an image, so here is a dropbox link. View: Also, I might be getting flooded with all the rain predicted for us, so we'll see how it goes. But I'll be online regardless. :)
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    Today is the day that I officially start my 1st light "show", and my 1st post in this thread. A 2fer! I hope everyone lighting up tonight has a wonderful night. :)
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    What do you call your display?

    I've decided, my show is not going to have a name. Can I even call it a show? It only a house outline. Maybe as the years go by, and I keep adding to it, it may grow into a show. But for now, I have some amazing lights on my house that blink to a beat.
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    The Baby Shark Challange - Lets not get to stressed about our Display

    I never realised how much @uncledan cared about Baby Shark. I nominate you again, as you clearly care deeply about this song. Plus, everyone I know in this group has already been nominated :p except @OzAz. you can be in this list too. :D
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    Bluetooth sound from a pi

    Check to see if the speakers also have a 3.5mm line in jack. Most of them do, and would get a better result using that if you could.
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    What do you call your display?

    So far I have Cairns Christmas Coruscations. But its a mouthful and nobody knows what it means. Thinking of going with Silva Bells Christmas Lights? My last name is da it kind of goes. I have no bells though.
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    Cairns Christmas Coruscations.

    This weekend I put up the whole outline. Other some minor issues, it’s all come together nicely. Thank again to everybody here at ACL for the inspiration, ideas and assistance. View:
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    Cairns Christmas Coruscations.

    So I've put together my P10 matrix. I've found I have a couple of faulty pixels on 2 panels. :(
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    Answered Queen Mary Vamp - Mac

    I put them in the system\library\audio\plugins\vamp folder in both the user folder and system folder.